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  • Dump....Flush.....Tank

    Im not talking about bowel movements although this team is as much fun to watch as that. This season is a write off so in my opinion its time to dump vets and try to get one of the top 3 in the draft. So in honour of the dumping and tanking that many fans want ,and with this season flushed down the toilet I thought I would make my dump list or keep list for next season for the Flyers. Feel free to agree or disagree with your own list.

    Keep...... Provorov Ghost Morin Sanheim Giroux Konecny Patrick Lindblom Couturier Hart Hagg

    Dump Neuvirth Elliott MacDonald Gudas Weal Simmonds Voracek Lehtera Raffl Weise JVR Laughton

    Flush Homer Lappy Gordon

    Draft top 3 and offer sheet Matthews or Marner or Laine and use cap space to add speed and skill at forward and size and speed on defense and a solid backup goalie for Hart ...oh and add a good NHL caliber coach.

    Good luck Mr Fletcher with all of that.
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    I see zero reason to protect Lindblom, Ghost, Patrick, or Morin
    . Morin injury history, Ghost weak defense and big head, Lindblom has shown zero, and Patrick nothing. Out of all all.of them I would give Patty and Ghost a chance somewhat.
    Why do Flyers fans consistently want to blame Homer? He at least had the balls right or wrong to try and correct the issues.
    I have tried all season to be optimistic but this team has deep issues. Jake, Simmer, etc... need to go. Jvr it's too early to be fair as he hasnt even had a real chance to be on the #1 pp.
    There is nothing wrong with making trades for good vets with contracts or with intent to sign either. Go after a splash and make a damn move.
    The season is looking like a bust at this point. I surrender.
    A huge issue I have is people thinking just because they are last means they get Hughes. Btw.... where is Hughes in the IIHF? Nursing an injury because they are trying to protect his draft status. He is not McDavid, Crosby, Kane, or Matthews.
    I am 100% on board for an offer to for any of the 3 you listed. However, I would target Stone and try to put something together for a damn good vet dman. As goalies go... go for Quick he would be the guy to bring in and split time with Hart. Yeah yeah he has been hurt but has always bounced back strong post injury.
    It is 100% time to stop believing the bs hype that all these sure thing prospects will work out. Trade them for value while they have it.
    Why not bring Meyers up at this point and sit McDonald? Minus Gudas and Haag out defense is balless. And our defense has zero experience winning at all. If we are relying on McDonald for experience we are screwed. Trade Simmer and Voracek yesterday. I cant fathom how Jake can many points and not know how to play a puck along the damn boards.
    Dont trade Farabee or Frost.


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      I'm fine with trading Ghost...and Hagg..either or both would HAVE to go to bring in a quality veteran D-Man (Petrangelo? Seabrook?. Doughty?)

      the only D who are untouchable imo , are Provo and Sanheim...

      Forwards to trade: Simmonds, Jake, Patrick..only because he is injured again and he has a history of Concussions does he not? We don't want to go down that road again...Weal, Weise, JVR, TK(would have to be a 'can't miss' trade)...

      I would actually keep Lindblom...he has shown some nice hands and smarts..he is still young...Raffl I would keep..he knows his role and actually wins puck battles on the boards..Varrone I'd keep..guy plays hard

      as far as G....isn't it funny how history repeats itself...I seem to remember another Flyers Captain who had everything thrust on his shoulders..with no help from his supporting cast....

      G is at that point in his career where he shouldn't be expected or perceived to be THE guy....rather the savvy veteran who produces without all the immense pressure on him..and I think he thrives better in that role...