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GDT: Flyers vs Penguins

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  • GDT: Flyers vs Penguins

    7PM EST

    Last game of a five game home stand. Flyers have 19 points out of the last 20. Hart going for his 9th win in a row.

    Meltzer says no Myers yet, still.

    For the Pens, Malkin has missed four games. Let's hope he's rusty.

    No more Oleksiak. Long since traded away. Several new arrivals playing for Pittsburgh.

    Pens giving up a lot of goals lately. 4.5 per game over the last 8. They lost 6 of those including the last four in a row.

    Murray has been day to day along with Malkin, but he's slated to play as well.

    Another good early effort is a must. And maybe just maybe clean up the mistakes and the team D a tad. The Pens may be more opportunistic than Anaheim. The Flyers have been better at cashing in lately though.

    Do we get a playoff atmosphere in this one? It's a meaningful game.

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    This game can put the Flyers within 4 of a wildcard spot. Huge huge game. We have been getting some lucky bounces the last few games and hopefully they continue. Looking for Hart to continue his solid play and I am sure Crosby he looking to make him look bad. Go Flyers Go!


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      Memo for TEAM: Just keep Crosby from scoring in the first minute please... Maybe mark that Guentzel fellow as well. Thanks!
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      Winnipeg Jets a very distant #2
      The rest of the 29 teams can KMA!


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        Should have said first period.


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          Talk about frustrating

          The flyers absolutely dominated The Pens in that second period and have nothing to show for it cuz of a quick whistle referee.

          They are thoroughly dominating the Penguins a d to be down 2-0 is typical bD flyers luck in a huge game at home.

          Crosby wth a shit luck first goal and the second goal looks like went off of provorov stick

          Wow what has happened to Patrick? He looks great lately ... like he might actually get a Gino or an apple? Great to see his improvement lately.

          Well hoping for a huge third period which I will miss as I head out to play hockey shortly.

          Anyone at the game tonight?

          Go flyers!

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            way to piss away a 5 minutes major


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              Originally posted by flyerdog
              way to piss away a 5 minutes major
              That power play was embarrassingly bad

              That probably puts a nail in the coffin of any playoff hopes

              Two words now




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                Even though the stats say they had a ridiculous number of shots, it looked like good things would surely have happened for the Flyers if a lot of their early shot attempts hadn't missed the net. That Bjugstad goal was a perfect example of that. Not a heavy shot and just changed direction a bit and bam.

                The non-goal on the early whistle is the kind of thing you can't make up. Had to happen against the Pens. Then the refs pretty much put the whistles away. There are some teams that seem to be very successful at pushing the limits on obstruction and getting away with it. Let's just say that seemed to be the case tonight, and I don't think the Flyers are a team that has figured that out.

                Not much time to feel sorry for themselves. Next game coming right up.

                They still play Pittsburgh two more times. Carolina twice. Three against the Isles. Three against the Caps. Plus one against the Blue Jackets and one each against the Devils and Rags. That's a lot of Metro conf four-point games. Plus two against the Canadiens which could have WC repercussions.

                Ain't over yet.


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                  5 minute majors are hard cuz the skill guys get gassed quick.

                  i think the team was so amped up they weren't focused on burying their opportunities. lots of guys losing edges, pucks bouncing off sticks, weird bad passes... trying too hard. need to be calm and play the game. giroux in particular looked bad i thought.


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                    I think a timeout after Jake's goal would have been good (unless they used it previously in the game).