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    Originally posted by alxhj View Post

    He seems to be handling himself well, I used to really like McClellan too, but he lost some of luster in Edmonton with a boatload of talent. I don't know if that Chiarelli or him. Dineen hasn't set the world on fire. So, if those are our choices, I go with Gordon. But, you don't know what the end of the season could bring, and who gets let go.
    i love gordo's EQ, but i think also hakstol just had no feel for people, so gordon seems amazing by contrast.

    I think like you're saying it really comes down to who's available. if there's a cornerstone coach out there we must pursue him. I almost feel like gordon is the development coach we should have had instead of Hak, and we still need to find the win-it-all coach after him.