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GDT: Flyers vs Capitals

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  • GDT: Flyers vs Capitals

    7PM PST

    Voracek serving the second and final game of his suspension.

    Hart to start. The Caps chased Elliott in the last meeting so that probably factors in, even though he's been good otherwise lately. Elliott will start in Toronto 24 hours later.

    The Flyers can *maybe* afford to lose one game in the next week. It would not be good to squander it immediately.

    Every hockey cliche about showing up ready, keeping it simple, making the good play, not being too cute, etc. applies. Other teams vying for the WC spots punched up on Monday. The Flyers need to follow suit.

    My middle brother has lived in DC since he got out of college. His kids are Caps fans. I've already toggled the "hide notifications" button on him on the Messages app on the phone because he just can't help himself with the spoilers when the Caps and Flyers play. >:[

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    This week is gonna be tough. The Caps just lost to the Pens so they will be hungry.


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      Plus, the Loafs got spanked, yesterday.


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        I forgot to add "everybody cover somebody" to the list of basics above. Not a lot to feel good about trailing for the whole 60 minutes tonight.

        At least the Canadiens lost.