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GDT: Flyers vs Canadiens

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  • GDT: Flyers vs Canadiens

    7PM EST

    The Habs have lost two in a row and have only won four in their last ten.

    The Flyers are only three points back so a regulation win would cut that to one wafer-thin point.

    If first-in-the-Pacific Calgary beats the Blue Jackets tomorrow, a Flyers win would put them only four points back of them.

    The Pens will also be playing the Hurricanes, which may bear watching since the Flyers have four points up for grabs in games against Carolina still.

    Let's hope we get the Flyers who beat the Habs 5-2 in Philly two months ago and not the ones that lost in Montreal 5-1 last month. That was Hart's last game before he sat to heal up his ankle injury, so methinks he's gonna be looking to have a good game.

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    I'll be at the game tonight...glad that it still matters for now. Hopefully we'll beat the Habs and keep the slim chances alive. We basically have to win out at this point, maybe can lose one or lose a couple in OT/SO (against teams we're not competing with for a playoff spot). But a slim chance is better than no chance!

    I'm actually sitting in my company's suite as I was invited to the game with a bunch of other members of the Finance team. Should be a good time!
    Mike Barr, Founder


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        Have fun Mike, go FLYERS!


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          At the very least, a win tonight should start sending Montreal fans into meltdown mode (or are they already there, lol).


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            Originally posted by andy71 View Post
            At the very least, a win tonight should start sending Montreal fans into meltdown mode (or are they already there, lol).
            It will be their death nail. The city was all ready for playoff hockey 2 weeks watching them go from "this will be the worst team the Habs have ever put out there" to "this team has a ton of heart and with Price, we can win the cup" to a divided voice (depending of if you look at things glass-half full or half empty..."we over-achieved and are on the perfect path to get back to winning cups in 2 years" or "this team sh!t the bed and choked under pressure...we're never going to win another game".

            Habs fans are special.


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              Mtl fans are the most passionate and educated imo. Emotionally attached to the game and the team. They are special indeed. And an abrasive fuking lot too I might add.
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                Lindblom whiff...goal.


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                  Ugly 1st. Hope they have more than that in this game. Dint want to see a let down after the good win against Pitt. This is a mist win. Well they all are but this is the team right above you.


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                    Jeez not a lot of urgency right now. Sleepwalking.