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GDT: Flyers vs Leafs

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  • GDT: Flyers vs Leafs

    7PM ET

    Morin in the lineup. Flyers to carry 7 D again, says Meltzer. It'll be interesting to see how the minutes and pairing shake out.

    A regulation loss tonight puts an "e-- " next the Flyers in the standings.

    Hoping to see someone other than JVR stand up in this one, although if he wants another hat trick against his former team, that's OK.

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    yay finally! talbot too?


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      Ghost!! Lame!


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        Looks like Hartman's fingerprints are all over this game.....doing the honest little things. Very unselfish.


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          In spite of a poor start, that was a heck of a game to watch. Leafs fans gotta be nervous about the playoffs.

          Ghost wound up having the fewest minutes of the regular D (a few seconds more than Myers, who had more 5 on 5) and didn't play the end of regulation after Toronto tied it, or *any* OT 3 on 3, where he used to be money. It was interesting to hear Clement comment that Ghost should be noticing that he was replaced on the top PP unit for a five-forward group, and that that was a clear warning shot across his bow.

          Hart in the shoot out. More of that.

          This weekend will see back to back games. Someone other than Hart will play. Would be nice to have more than a one game sample from Talbot.


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            The astute leaf fans now understand they are very vulnerable. The rest are rationalizing. It looks so good on the all knowing Babcock who loves to pontificate like a philosopher king. No parade for you!


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              8mins for Morin. I love his aggressiveness in getting on top of attacking forwards. Always looking to make contact. I hope we get a little more next game.

              As for Ghost, he was not having a great game in his own zone. But he us not the guy Gordon should be sitting, as it will be important for the team to pad up his stats to shop him at the draft.


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                I was very pleased with Morin, especially for a guy who's been sitting forever. He was great along the boards and that reach came in handy a couple of times, just his sheer size had the Leafs a little hesitant when he was bearing down on them, causing them to pass or shoot the puck a little sooner than they wanted to. Ghost has a reason to be nervous, Myers is developing nicely and Sanheim is really picking it up. If Ghost doesn't stop being so careless, he may find himself making those turnovers in another city.


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                  Honest question, how far in the draft could we move up with our first and ghost?


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                    Originally posted by toothless joe View Post
                    Honest question, how far in the draft could we move up with our first and ghost?
                    From everything I've read about this draft, the top 4 are kind of "stand alone" guys, and everyone after that is pretty equal. To answer your question, I'm not sure we could get into the top 4.