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GDT: Flyers @ Hurricanes

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  • GDT: Flyers @ Hurricanes

    1:30PM ET

    Talbot to start the first of the Saturday/Sunday back to back games.

    The Canes have 91 points and a game in hand on the top 3 in the Metro. They have two teams one point behind them. So they have both carrot and stick.

    The Flyers will be mathematically eliminated if they lose this game in regulation or OT. Montreal and Columbus are playing later in the day. A win by either will also eliminate the Flyers. Odds are, the Flyers can start booking tee-times with confidence by the end of the day.

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    If only they had cleaned house in the beginning of November.


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      Is Ferland a type of player the Flyers should pursue on July 1st? His aggressive style intrigues me.


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        It is a shame it so breezy tonight. My playoff tickets would make great tinder for a back yard fire tonight.


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          Another mid round project first round draft pick selection coming up again this year


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            - hoping we can drop down to 10th. 11% chance of gettin in the top 3. just 1 pt ahead of 10th draft seed.
            - morin looks like he normally looks, incredibly dominant on the boards, struggles outletting the puck. he's got his head up he just seems to miss guys' sticks. we'll need more games to evaluate him.
            - talbot shook off the rust but still doesnt look like a guy i want to be playing more than 20 games next year. you can platoon with elliott, but with talbot? eeennnnhhh. need more games.
            - sanheim started to look dynamic on the pp
            - hope provo is okay, his ankle twisted pretty bad. hope he doesnt try to gut out the last few games, he should rehab if its anything but 100%.