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GDT: Flyers @ Stars

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  • GDT: Flyers @ Stars

    8:30PM ET

    Talbot to start. Good luck man. The team may or may not show up in front of you during your audition.

    Maybe not having to play in front of the home fans will help the Flyers not to feel sorry for themselves. We shall see.

    Florida beat the Caps and moved ahead of Philly in the standings. Even the Blackhawks took Winnipeg to OT and got a point and have a chance of helping the Flyers' draft odds. The Rangers have been mathematically eliminated from passing the Flyers, as their genuine looking attempt to beat the Devils didn't pan out. Minnesota plays Winnipeg tonight and Vancouver is playing the Sharks, so they may not be rushing up the standings past the Flyers just yet.

    This one may really test my watch-all-of-the-games-and-all-of-each-game principles. Gonna be coming home late from dinner and drinks and catching up on it and if it's a stinker it might get turned off.

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    condensed games


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      Iíve moved on to baseball now and rooting against the leafs and habs

      I have three words to the Flyers as they play out the string


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        still possible to climb up to the 8th draft seed


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          Wrong night for a Flyer game, I couldn't miss the first Phillies/Nats meeting.


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            Phils have won the first 4 games.of a season for the first time since.......... 1915.


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              Way to go Flyers and Phils!! Nice results last night...keep it going boys!!

              BTW...IF there is a chance that Elliott wants to stick around to backup Hart and mentor him...i'm on board with him being the chosen backup, rather than Talbot. I know he hasn't had much of an opportunity, but i'm good with Elliott being a the backup moving forward.


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                I can take a loss, but not one where nobody gives a damn.


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                  maybe they are being told NOT to give a this point all we have to root for is moving up in the draft


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                    That was vaguely interesting until late in the second, which was longer than I expected.

                    Would not want to be the coaching staff trying do decide on Talbot in the middle of that though.

                    Only two more games until we are out of our misery.

                    In other news, interesting to see the Habs at 94 points and still on the outside looking in. In the end, 98 points might not be enough. Nutty.