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GDT: Flyers @ Blues

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  • GDT: Flyers @ Blues

    8:00PM ET

    Elliott to start.

    The Blues are only one point out of first in the Central. Winning is worth something to them.

    The Flyers, not so much.

    Funny story, the Blues lost Wednesday night to the Blackhawks in OT. Those two points moved the Blackhawks into a tie with the Flyers overall. Vancouver has won three in a row and is now two behind Philly.

    One could root for the Blues to win tomorrow, then lose their last game to, hey look at that, the Canucks.

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    If we ended up falling into the top 10 of this draft, that would be pretty amazing. Lots of talent in the top 10 and the odds to move up go up a lot compared to where they were at 14th.


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      Good visualizer here:

      When the Flyers moved up in '17, the other teams in the top 3 overall also moved up. Funny how as you get closer to the top of the odds, the more likely it is that teams behind you win the lottery and jump past you!


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        Patrick out w/ a LBI
        "I admire the exagerrated way that you tell the truth."- Arthur Balfour


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          Elliott's line is one for the record books...WOW!!


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            Hey, at least he made a save!


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              There is something sour with this team. I hope Fletcher gets tot he bottom of it. Vorsceks comments about breaking up the core, Haag mentioning guys trying to do it all by themselves and not playing as a team. I honestly wouldnt be surprised to see Jake and Ghost gone by the start of next season. This team and the locker room need a serious shake up. They have zero accountability.
              Yes, I know this game means nothing and it is to their benefit to lose. I am talking about the entire season. They are always weak to start games, horrible start to the season that literally is the reason they aren't in the playoffs for the 2nd straight year. Toss out the trash and bring in some skill and people who know how to win and what it takes to win.


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                I have said it many times before. The room culture and attytood starts with the C. Look no further.


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                  I dont think it is Giroux. He works out there. I think it is more them all being best buds off the ice and not being able to call each other out when they suxk. Let's face it they need a Pronger.


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                    I also don't see Giroux's play on the ice as any indication that he is part if the problem. He rarely shows less than 100% on the ice. How is he in locker room is something I can't answer.

                    We need to get an outside leader to shake things up. A Ryan O'Neill would have been an interesting pickup last offseason. A similar leader this offseason would be great.