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  • Year End Presser

    Quotes from Fletch via Bill Meltzer @billmeltzer.

    Fletcher: We're not good enough here right now. Everybody is tradable, but some scenarios are more realistic than others

    Fletcher said it's a fair question whether Patrick is ready right now to be a bonafide No. 2 center. Said the foundation is there. Has to improve his shot, get a little quicker. If ready at 21 to be full-time No. 2 is hard to say now for certain.

    Fletcher said quality vet D, more two-way forwards, goalie partner for Hart and continued growth of young players are big keys.

    Fletcher said he will work with next head coach on assistant coaches. Will not make decisions on his own beforehand.

    Fletcher: Training camp is where a team implements a system and builds habits. It becomes tougher within a season.

    Fletcher: Scott did a good job. It's prudent to decompress, take some time, do some due diligence and make the right decision.

    Fletcher on the defensive group: "We have some high-end young talent. I think we're a little younger than a few teams that are still playing. The experience these guys got is critical."

    Fletcher on offseason vision: "We're going to be active in trying to improve our team. How that translates this summer, we'll find out. You can't control the marketplace and the trade market."

    Fletcher said the forwards put a lot of pressure on the defense corps with the way they play. Said it's a fair question whether there is enough experience on the back end

    Fletcher said Flyers will be aggressive this off-season. "We're one of a large number of teams that can upgrade certain areas." Said cutting GAA is a top priority: goes beyond systems and even player talent. Said it is about mindset that has to change. Better details & habits.

    Fletcher said player opinion, which was strongly pro-Gordon, is not a significant factor in the process. Not really looking for their input. Issue isn't really what they say, it's how they play.

    Fletcher on when a head coach will be named: "At the right time we'll make the right decision."

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    It's funny.............reading between the lines of what they both said to the press today, without naming names:

    Failure to win the wall.
    Failure to defend/provide a presence around the front of nets.

    Poor decisions with the puck.
    Laziness in the offensive zone/lack of work ethic there.
    Standing around on offense trying to always make the pretty, perfect pass or play

    Were all attributed by the Mgt. as the reasons they failed.
    Not the defensemen.

    They need experience back there, yes.
    They need real leadership everywhere on the ice.

    Talking about looking for a near handful of veteran additions to help in the room.

    Need a #1 C-G to wing permanent, but McNuggets and Auston's Power ain't walking through the door....................

    Have to hope the Frosts and Farabee's mature PDQ or they hit the Powerball I guess.


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      We're not going to win wall battles with a bunch of midgets and soft players. We need some snarl on the team in a big way.


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        There appears to be both a significant lack of "compete" among the forwards, coupled with a mindset that eschews direct play. Whether that translates to lack of understanding-especially among the youngsters- or a silk stocking mentality or both.............their moves will likely serve as a great indicator. Patrick also got dusted by management due to some of the things he said to the press............his progress vs. existence here bears watching.


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          I am impressed that Fletcher indicated that the player's play matters more than what they say about everything. Sounds like no excuses will matter.
          He mentioned several times that the mind set of the payers on the ice was questionable. i.e.-they play dumb hockey too often; especially the forwards. Coaching, systems are nice but decision making matters the most. The team and especially the forwards didn't do well here.
          Fletcher seems to have seen what we fans have seen and it has registered. He's going to make changes. Signing UFAs, offer sheeting RFAs and trades are coming. Its going to be interesting to see who stays and who goes. Could be some surprises here.
          "I admire the exagerrated way that you tell the truth."- Arthur Balfour


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            Love this quote...

            We have some bad habits right now, flying into the zone before we have possession of the puck, not getting in shooting lanes, not keeping the third guy high, turning pucks over in the neutral zone when thereís no time and space to make a play, and just recognizing things. Itís mindset, but you need the mindset to embrace the habits.

            Itís about making sure going into camp next year, we have to change some details, change our mindset and have a good start. A lot of reasons we fall behind in games is because we give up easy goals. Itís not about effort. Itís about thinking, about working smart and playing better.Ē
            If he can truly make an impact on preparedness for next season's team...i think i will be very happy.


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              Its obvious this team needs skill and speed and scoring ability and Fletcher is wanting to add two way forwards? Wow
              sigpicPhiladelphia Flyers: Home of future Stanley Cup Champions on other teams.


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                I face palmed when I read that


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                  Originally posted by Cup4Recchi8 View Post
                  Its obvious this team needs skill and speed and scoring ability and Fletcher is wanting to add two way forwards? Wow
                  There are guys out there who can do all 3. I read it an sighted as well. Hoping he goes after one of they guys who can do it all.


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                    Have any of you ever seen Jake play D?
                    JVR isnít very good at it. But he scores a lot.
                    Simmer never played D either. This team meeds 2 way forwards. Defensively responsible is a must.