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2019 draft targets for Flyers

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  • 2019 draft targets for Flyers

    Starting this a little early...but the longer off-season has me wanting to learn more about the different directions the Flyers can head. Specifically for the draft, we know we're not going to be able to get Hughes or Kakko. I think it will be very difficult to get a chance to draft Dach, Cozens, Byram and Podkolzin...but outside of these six kids, the Flyers could land anyone else through a trade up or a player dropping to them at 11.

    Who outside of these kids are you folks hoping we get a chance at? Do you go BPA or strategize positionally?

    For me, i think we target a forward who has pure offensive abilities (be it goal scoring or play-making). And the guys i think i am hoping for are Cole Caufied, Peyton Krebs and Alex Newhook. Here is a little info on these three...

    Cole Caufield
    • "A game-breaking goal scorer that, despite his diminutive frame, thrives under pressure and is difficult to contain. Hes a silky smooth skater that traverses all three zones with jump and jam. Defensively, hes uncomfortable having the puck in his own end for long and hell make the extra effort to pressure around the blue line and take away cross-ice options. Upon procuring puck possession, hell be the first to explode up ice in-transition. The hallmark of his game is his exceptional goal-scoring ability. He has a shot that absolutely leaps off his stick with pinpoint accuracy when he lets loose and a low centre of gravity that facilitates fast and flashy puckhandling at pace. He affords his linemates options by taking advantage of any allotted attention he garners, generating time and space by drawing guys in; hes perpetually hard to play against. All-in-all, Cole Caufield is an electrifying goal-scoring machine that makes some of the most otherworldly plays look like childs play." (
    • "Hyper-skilled but undersized winger brings all the offensive tools you can handle. Has been clicking at nearly a goal-per-game with The Program with his deadly release. Owns excellent edges, and a non-stop motor but could use that extra gear at his stature. The purest goal-scorer in the class." (

    Peyton Krebs
    • "Peyton Krebs is a potent point-producer and offensive catalyst that rises to the occasion whenever he's on the ice. He is a smooth, shifty skater that traverses all three zones with ease and closes the gap on the backcheck quickly. Defensively, his understanding of the game communicates itself through his proactive positioning and an active, lane-disrupting stick. Willing to go to the dirty areas and fight for the puck, but isn't at his best there. Offensively, below the opposition's blue line, he is an electric, dominant force that showcases excellent decision-making and undeniable puck skills. He's aggressive, but never takes stupid penalties that will put his team in disadvantage state. Krebs' hockey sense is on full display when he's making moves, creating space, and orchestrating opportunities for himself and linemates. All-in-all, Peyton Krebs is an exciting mix of speed, skill, smarts, and hard-nosedness in all three zones. He's got a very high ceiling." (
    • "Krebs has played both wing and centre at the junior level. With his skating ability, vision, playmaking and defensive ability, he projects well as a centre going to the pro level. The question will be about his strength. Can he add enough muscle to his frame to be able to be effective down low in both ends of the ice? In terms of player comparison, Krebs style is similar to Matthew Barzal, however this is a style comparison only and not one based on skill or ability." (

    Alex Newhook
    • "explosive forward at his best with puck on his stick always wants the puck plays with no fear quick release dangerous every shift" (
    • "Speed for days and the disregard for safety to use it anywhere. Dangerous hands, good hockey sense and is equally deadly with the pass or the shot. Already a strong defensive player. A slow start in the BCHL has made way to an extended hot streak. He leads the tier two Canadian junior circuit in scoring after the first month. Hes off to Boston College in the fall." (

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    Trade the pick; package with ghost and pick up Trouba or a legit 2C. Enough with the dilly-dallying.
    That said, I know there might be a good 2C to be had in Free Agency.


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      I thought I read somewhere that Cozens may have been leapfrogged by a few and could very easily be sitting at #11..... anyone else get that vibe from reading about the draft?
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        Originally posted by Hattrix View Post
        I thought I read somewhere that Cozens may have been leapfrogged by a few and could very easily be sitting at #11..... anyone else get that vibe from reading about the draft?
        If he's there at 11 we should be all over that


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          I hope the Flyers draft Newhook and go for speed and skill.
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            If Cozens drops out of the top 5, i would hope the Flyers would be aggressive in trying to trade up to pick Cozens.


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              Cozens, from what I've read, appears to be a Tom Wilson kind of guy. He's got some skill, but can also handle himself physically. If we could draft him ,get Reaves, and Morin develops, maybe we can put the tutus on hold.


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                Article from NBC Sports Philly on some potential targets at pick #11. Interesting to see 3 dmen on this list.



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                  I like Cozens a lot, but I do not think he will be there at #11 and it doesn't sound like Fletcher is anxious to trade up either.

                  The more I read about Broberg, the more I like him...really nice size coupled with elite skating ability and elite hockey sense are a very attractive package in a prospect!

                  Caufield is too small for my liking!


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                    Yes, Caufield is WAY to small for a 1st round pick...maybe even too small to be picked in the first half of the 2nd round.
                    Most "small" players are about 5' 9" This kid is 2 inches smaller than that ... listed at 5' 7"

                    Martin St. Louis was 5' 8"
                    Johnny Gaudreau is 5' 9"
                    Travis Konecny is 5' 10"

                    Unless a stud D-man falls to #11, we should pick a sniper with good speed (that isn't 5' 7")

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