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  • OT: Goon the movie

    Just so you all know, It's streaming on Netflix now.

    Old Scott Hartnell for New Scott Hartnell has been our best trade in years

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    Saw it about 2 weeks ago, not a horrible movie, I thought it was entertaining.


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      It reminded me of The Waterboy meets a Canadian person, yeah, not terrible, not incredible, don't regret watching it.


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        I bought the DVD a few weeks ago...not bad. It's no Slapshot, but it's a decent hockey comedy movie.
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          i enjoyed it. i brought this up somewhere here before, but the jerseys used in this movie are a subtle reference to philadelphia hockey.

          orange and black, plus, a logo similar to the philadelphia arrows [philly's first pro hockey team.]

          pretty much an old phantoms jersey
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            Close friends with the hockey broadcaster in that flick 'Red McCauley' (Curt Keilback).
            Amazing how a guy with a voice like his for hockey, with over 2000 NHL games called (Jets and Coyotes) and inducted into the Manitoba Hockey Hall Of Fame does not have a job with some NHL team somewhere. Great hockey broadcaster.
            This is his call on that crazy Ovechkin goal against the yotes several years ago...
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              Best goal ever scored.
              Voracek, Simmonds, Schenn, Couturier, Grossmann, Cousins.


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                Originally posted by GirouxIsCannon View Post
                worst play by a goalie ever.


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                  Sure it is no Slapshot...
                  but its not Slapshot 2 either...

                  Honestly I thought it was very entertaining, the writing had its hero moments and it had some dakr stuff too, like how his mom and dad never really accept him...

                  I think its one of the best releases, certainly one of the better hockey movies done since slapshot as far as good comic value. I was entertained thoroughly, I was almost in tears the first time I watched, i was that moved lol.

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                    isn't laperriere playing in the movie ? someone blocked a shot with his face multiple must be him!