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  • It looks liks Giroux is starting to gain some confidence with the Phantoms.


    • Originally posted by lynchmob450 View Post
      It looks liks Giroux is starting to gain some confidence with the Phantoms.
      thank god, he's had some terrible defensive games judging by his +/-
      "Oh, We got five. Ohhhhh."


      • JVR had a goal and 4 assists tonight...he now stands at 17 gp....26 pts...9g 17 a...not bad


        • Originally posted by Wanger_16 View Post
          JVR had a goal and 4 assists tonight...he now stands at 17 gp....26 pts...9g 17 a...not bad
          solid, thanks for the update
          "Oh, We got five. Ohhhhh."


          • Can anybody who watches phantoms tell me whats going on?

            Maroon and Giroux and Ross seem to be scoring really well, and Matsumoto has like 14 in 26 gasmes (I had high hopes for him), but am really supriased at ratchuk and bartulis who seem lost offensively (according to the stats).

            Whats going on?


            • Hey Hammerwise,

              I'm not really a scout but here are a few thoughts...

              Maroon has great size and pretty good hands. He's playing on on the second line with Matsumoto, I think. He has 17 points in 26 games, but 5 of those points (3g, 2a) came in one game last week or the week before. So the flashes are there. I would guess that he'll play the entire season with the Phantoms and maybe be a call up next year before really challenging the year after.

              Giroux looks good. He got off to a slow start but he's been averaging over a point a game since November. He's playing on the first line with Ross and is on the first PP unit. So he's getting good experience. I think he'll be on the big club next year.

              Ross is quick, has nice skills, and at times even dominates play, but he's really small. He's listed at 5'9" 170 but he doesn't even look that big. I don't know where he fits in. He has skill and deserves a look, but unlike Maroon and Giroux who are 20-21, Ross is 26 so his window is closing. Maybe he's called up to be a 4th line pest. He's their best offensive player (Though Giroux is catching up to him).

              Matsumoto has decent skills. He's on pace for about 40+ points which is what he scored last year. He's a team worst -12 though. Maybe if Maroon starts to come on that will improve Matsumoto stats.

              Ratchuk is a great skater and jumps into the play often but he looks pretty small to me. He's only 177 but I'm sure in a year or two he'll fill out. I may be wrong on this but I think he and Bartulis form the second pair. I'll watch closer next game.

              Bartulis doesn't really stand out to me one way or the other, so I'll have to watch him closer next game too. Remember that he and Ratchuk are only 21-22 so they're a couple of years away.

              So I'd say Ross will probably be called up again this year when injuries hit, Giroux is close to making the permanent jump, while Maroon, Ratchuk and Bartulis are players to keep an eye on in upcoming seasons.

              A couple of other players...

              Munroe is a good goaltender. He's probably their MVP. Don't get me wrong, he isn't Nitty or Biron, and I sure wouldn't move either to make room for him, but assuming they re-sign Biron to a big deal and let Nitty go I could see him with the Flyers as a min-wage backup.

              Syvret, who we got from Edmonton (I think) is averaging almost a point a game. He does a nice job jumping into the play. He and Guenin form the top d-pair. He seems a bit indecisive in his own zone though.

              Guenin is what he is, a good AHL d-man. I guess he would be an emergency call up but I don't see him being part of any long range plans.
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              • I think one of the thing that is affecting Matsumoto this season is that he does not have as big of a role as he did last season. He was getting alot more important minutes last season, but with the addtions mad to the Phantoms this season he has taken on more of a secondary role. You can also add on to that he started out on fire last year on a line with Greentree and Reid which helped his numbers. This season, due to injuries and call ups he has bounced around the line up more and has not had consistant linemates. Recently he has been playing a lot on a line with Maroon and Laliberte who have both been playing better recently so I would not be surprsed to see his stats start to pick up from here on out.

                Ratchuk still looks like he is trying to adjust and grow into playing at the professional level. One minute he will be leading a rush up the ice and the next he will make a stupid turnover or easily get pushed off the puck. I would have to say needs some time to bulk up and adjust to the game.

                Bartulis has been very unnoticable this season which is not that bad for a defensemen. I don't really remember him making any big mistakes, he has just been very steady playing on the 2nd pairing.

                Munroe has had a good season with the exception of a couple of games against Hershey where he got lit up (pretty much every goalie in the AHL is getting lit up by them). He always keeps the team in the game and usually makes the big saves when needed. I would not be surprised if he ended up as a cheap back up for the Flyers in the future.

                Clackson is another guy to watch out for in the future as a 4th liner. The coaches seem to like him and he is getting a good amount of ice time. He is an average skater and does not seem to hurt the team in their own zone. On top of that he like to lay out the big open ice hit between the Phantoms blue line and the red line when ever he can. He has 14 or 15 fights so far this season and will take on anyone no matter how out matched he may. The majority of his PIM's are from fights, and he does not take alot of stupid penalties.


                • [IMG]<img src="" alt="Image Hosted by"/><br/>By <a target="_new" href="">lynchmob</a> at 2009-02-26[/IMG]


                  • Thanks Lynch, a bit disappointed in the pt totals for bartulis and ratchuk, and thought that Nodl (admittedly he is a rookie) would be producing more in the AHL. (Also Kempe, I had high hopes for him being a burner, but unsure of his level of competition/ice time)

                    But bourdon, marshall, maroon, matsumoto are doing really well, along with bluechippers JVR and Sbisa


                    • Will Dany Syvret ever get a look? He has some nice numbers for a D.