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    look at giroux's +\-...thats rediculous
    "You hear players, media people, say that it's tough to play in Philly in front of these fans. To those people, I say: You didn't have the guts to succeed here." - John Kruk


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      Originally posted by lynchmob450
      Comment column removed. Thnx for the feedback!
      Great work, I'd love to see the stats in a sticky, but it would prob get to clouded with posts on why Parent only has 3 pts.


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        Originally posted by steagles
        klotz was not so much a mistake as an overdraft. there are a few things to remember when evaluating him: A) we don't know anything about the progression of his skating, B) we don't know anything about how he's being deployed, and C) it appears as if he has lacked willing opponents early this season.

        this pick is going to be a mistake, but i think he;ll prove to be a useful player once he gets to the phantoms.
        he'll never see the Phantoms.


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          Originally posted by Banger
          he'll never see the Phantoms.
          what makes you think that? his skating is certainly good enough for the AHL
          "Oh, We got five. Ohhhhh."


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            Very awesome Lynchmob

            Can we get this on sticky, please?


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              Here's a new a link to follow Lehtivuori. It shows stats for the whole Ilves Tampere team.

              Pelaaja = player('s name)
              Joukkue = team
              ottelut = Games played
              maalit = Goals
              syötöt = Assists
              pisteet = Points
              Jäähyt = PIM (how many/overall minutes)
              Peliaika = average time on ice

              Lehtivuori had a 0+3 night yesterday and has been putting up points pretty nicely lately but hid +/- has dropped a little. Still in clear lead in his team with +6. The next guy is only +3. Worst is -8. You can see some of his game by game stats if you click his name.

              BTW see anyelse familiar over there? Check out # 21 (the number may change with time).


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                Originally posted by peterthegreat21
                look at giroux's +\-...thats rediculous
                Wow - he's leading the Q in scoring now. I heard he called Clarke after the game and asked "what's my name, bitch!?"


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                  [IMG]<img src="" alt="Image Hosted by"/><br/>By <a target="_new" href="">lynchmob450</a>[/IMG]

                  Thnx JPS for the info on Lehtivuori.

                  I won't be able to get to an update this weekend (and possibly not next wife ane i are moving into a new lots of work to do). As soon as i am able to get back on track, i'll update the Prospects spreadsheet.


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                    picard with 17 pts in 19 games? christ! is he ready? he's an rfa, hope we have him signed soon.


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                      anybody who watches the phantoms?

                      Can you give us some knowledge behind the stats?

                      Bartulis only has 4 pts?
                      The whole team is on a massive roll so its a bit deceiving to only see the pts.
                      How is PArent? Mobile?
                      Is MAtsumoto a Patrioick Sharp?