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  • More from new Phantoms coach Gilbert

    For a full story on the hiring of Greg Gilbert as the first coach of the Adirondack Phantoms, click here, or pick up a print copy of Wednesday’s Post-Star. In that story, Gilbert had a lot to say about the style he*hopes to play, his impressions of Glens Falls, and why he feels he’s a*good*fit with the Philadelphia Flyers organization.

    In Gilbert, it seems the Flyers got the coach they wanted: someone with experience at every level. It may not be a name immediately exciting to old Adirondack fans, but Gilbert’s credentials are rock solid as a player and coach. He’s a proven coaching commodity at this level. How do you all feel about the hire?

    While you’re chewing on that question, here*are some leftover*thoughts from Gilbert that didn’t appear in Wednesday’s paper:

    On the Glens Falls area:

    “It’s a beautiful area up there and a great hockey city and town. It’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s gorgeous up there.”

    More on the style he wants his team to play:

    The most fun for any hockey player is playing in the offensive zone and playing with the puck. The better you are defensively and the harder you work defensively, the quicker you’re going to create the turnovers and spend more time with the puck. So it’s going to be definitely an aggressive style.*

    On his role as coach and player-development:

    “It’s all about buying into the organization and the style they want to play. My job is to teach them to play within that style and be committed to that style. It’s funny that once the players understand and they’re committed to playing that style, that’s when you watch them grow. They start to gain confidence in that system and how they have to play and it gives them confidence as players and gives them confidence as a team. That’s where the coaching job comes in. Our job is to make them better and make them fit in the system.”

    *On his impressions of playing the then-Philadelphia Phantoms as an opposing coach:

    “Every time we’ve played Philadelphia, it’s been a war. Going into the Spectrum you knew you were going to come out with bumps and bruises. It’s a physical game, a high-intensity game and it’s the way the Philadelphia organization has been and always will be.”

    On the Phantoms’ current roster:

    “I haven’t had a full look at the roster yet. And that’s going to be my job starting from today on in. There’s a lot of good talent there, there’s no question about it. And there’s a lot of good pieces of the puzzle and the Philadelphia organization they want developed. My job is to make them top-end players and develop their abilities and their skills and hopefully get them to step up and contribute to the Flyers organization. We’ve got some good veterans players coming in that are good character people.”

    *On Kjell Sameulsson, who is likely to remain as an assistant:

    “No reason to make a change. The experience he’s had, the players that hes’s developed, I think he’s a great man for the job and I have no issues there and looking forward to working with him.”

    *– Tim McManus