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Flyers waive Randy Jones; Phantoms next stop?

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  • Flyers waive Randy Jones; Phantoms next stop?

    According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Flyers have waived veteran defenseman Randy Jones with the intention of sending him to the Phantoms. Jones, set to make $3 million this season, was waived to free salary cap space so the Flyers could keep both James van Riemsdyk and Mika Pyorala. They’ll also likely keep defenseman Danny Syvret.

    Jones only becomes a Phantom if he clears waivers, which is not a sure thing.

    Interesting how this plays out for the Phantoms. On one hand, it’s a hit because I expected them get either van Riemsdyk or Pyorala and Syvret. On the other hand, if Jones clears waivers, you’re getting a solid NHL-caliber defenseman who probably feels like he’s got something to prove.

    If Jones doesn’t clear waivers, then these manuevers are a net loss for the Phantoms, though certainly good for the Flyers organization on whole.

    – Tim