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Pregame: Phantoms vs. Penguins

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  • Pregame: Phantoms vs. Penguins

    It’s snowing like* crazy outside, so you might as well settle down for a little Sunday hockey. This is Phantoms vs. Penguins take two. You can read about last night’s on our main hockey site. I’ll be updating this thread throughout the game, so keep hitting refresh for the latest updates. If you’re watching at home, feel free to discuss it here in the comments. You can also listen on the radio at WNYQ 101.7 FM, streaming online at the Phantoms site, or follow my Twitter feed (@PS Phantoms).

    2:34: New lines: Ward/Matsumoto/Laliberte; Maroon/Ross/Legein; Kolanos/Daavettila/Bellamy.

    2:24: Nic Riopel leads the Phantoms on ice. Guess he’s starting.

    2:23: The kids ski cap they gave out the past few nights is pretty sweet. Will it make me a bad guy if I swipe one off some kid?

    2:11: Goalie John Grahame is here and listed on the roster as No. 34. We don’t expect him to play, but hey, you never know. Someone in the comments of the last thread asked me if I liked the signing. I do. Can’t hurt to see what he’s got left, right? He’s been all over the place, most recently Russia. Can’t have to many NHL veterans sitting around. Not sure if he’ll ultimately end up as a backup in Philly so Johan Backlund can come back here and not sit around, or if he’ll stick here. We’ll see.

    2:08: I’ve never heard Christmas music played at this volume in*my life. Deafening in the empty arena.