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Phantoms vs. Bulldogs (upcoming)

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  • Phantoms vs. Bulldogs (upcoming)

    Welcome folks. This is Sports Editor Greg Brownell filling in for Tim McManus, who’s off for the weekend. I’ll be updating this blog entry as the game goes on to let you know what’s happening. Sorry, no tweeting today. You’re stuck with the old guy tonight and I haven’t figured out the Twitter stuff yet. (But I like Tim’s picture better than mine … lots younger).

    I already got my hot dog, fries and soda on the way in. This is important because the last time I live blogged was at the state volleyball tournament. I threw in a remark that I’d give anything for a hot dog. Five minutes later a couple of teenaged girls showed up as the press table asking if I was the man who was hungry, offering to get me the hot dog (a wise guy commenter later suggested I should have asked for a steak dinner). So I’ll watch what I say in case any of you are following along at the arena.

    As a commenter posted earlier in the day, Jon Kalinski was sent back to the Phantoms by Philadelphia this morning. Assuming USAir got him here, he’ll be available (unless he drove … or walked).

    I don’t expect a big crowd tonight. Pre-Christmas dates can be tough for any sports team. But there are people already sitting in the corners, and that can be a good sign.

    I’ll be back on as soon as the scratches are announced.