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  • The Glens Falls Phantoms?

    Thanks to a couple of sharp-eyed readers who e-mailed, I picked up on a trend this week. The Albany River Rats in their promotional material have occasionally been referring to*Adirondack as “the Glens Falls Phantoms.”

    I’m aware of that reference being used on their radio broadcasts,*a TV commercial, a newspaper ad, and a* press release. I thought I caught a reference by the PA announcer as well on Wednesday night.

    I ran into Phantoms Vice President Mike Thompson this afternoon at a downtown event and he said he’d also heard “Glens Falls Phantoms”*used recently. According to Thompson, he made a call to the Albany organization on Thursday and asked them to stop using “Glens Falls Phantoms.” Thompson said Albany agreed. I don’t think Thompson was particularly happy with anyone taking liberties with his team’s name.

    There’s a discussion going on about this in the comments section*of the last post. It’s interesting, when the Brooks Brothers announced the name Adirondack Phantoms, I got a fair bit of feedback from Glens Falls residents saying they’d like the team to be called “Glens Falls,” because it represents the tax base that supports the arena or because they didn’t want the “Adirondack” name on a new franchise. Now people are rallying around the “Adirondack” moniker.

    Albany’s motivation in all this is unclear. After all, they*were a*key partner in bringing Adirondack back into the league. *It’s probably as simple as tweaking a rival. There should be no question where the Phantoms are located — anyone who cares about hockey enough to listen to a radio broadcast or read a press release knows the Phantoms are based in Glens Falls. The crowds for the Adirondack games in Albany haven’t been as strong as hoped for (just 3,297 on Wednesday). There are certainly less Adirondack fans making the trip than Albany fans who come to Glens Falls. I’m sure the Albany organization has taken note of that.

    I say give it time. The longtime Albany fans have an emotional connection to their team and*an established, well-organized*booster club.*I’m sure a lot of those people relish the chance to see their team a few more times in driving*distance.*Just 35 games into the season, Adirondack fans are still making that emotional*connection to the Phantoms. I think we’re just getting to the point where the common fan — not necessarily the people who post here — are invested in whether the team wins or losses and knowing the players well enough to hold them individually accountable. It may take 35 more before those fans are riled up enough about a rival to make a road trip, however small. They also don’t have a large booster club base to mobilize.

    Not the biggest deal in the world, but fun fodder for a rivalry that’s finally starting to take shape.

    – Tim