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Three Phantoms you won?t be seeing again this year

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  • Three Phantoms you won?t be seeing again this year

    Thursday was*clear day*in the AHL, meaning it was the deadline for teams to submit their final 22-man roster for the season. Anyone not on the roster can’t play the rest of the regular season or the playoffs.

    The three notable omissions for the Phantoms are Ryan Dingle, Rob Bellamy and David Sloane. None of those names are particularly surprising because they’ve been the most frequent healthy scratches. I*prefer Bellamy and Dingle to a couple of the forwards on the clear day roster, but preference is always going to go to draft picks and guys the organization considers prospects.

    Dingle, Bellamy and Sloane will remain “in residence” unless emergency conditions arise as a result of recall, injury or suspension.

    The Phantoms’ roster is below. For ones from around the league, click here.


    Johan Backlund

    Jeremy Duchesne


    Danny Syvret

    Joey Mormina

    Joonas Lehtivuori

    Kevin Marshall

    Logan Stephenson

    Sean Curry

    Denis Bodrov

    Marc-Andre Bourdon


    Jared Ross

    Jon Matsumoto

    Jon Kalinski

    David Laliberte

    Stefan Legein

    Jason Ward

    Matt Clackson

    Mika Pyorala

    Patrick Maroon

    Andreas Nodl

    Garrett Klotz

    Josh Beaulieu

    In Residence

    David Sloane (D)

    Rob Bellamy (RW)

    Ryan Dingle (C)

    Krys Kolanos (LW)


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    Why was Ryan Dingle left off of the roster? Was he hurt or something? Thanks. Jay