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Binghamton 6, Phantoms 5: Notes n? quotes

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  • Binghamton 6, Phantoms 5: Notes n? quotes

    Just a quick look at Friday’’s quotes without much commentary because I want to be able to post excerpts of my conversation *with Flyers Assistant General Manager John Paddock. All the real news is there.

    As for summing up this loss, the 46th of the season, this quote from Greg Gilbert is as good as any:

    “The first two periods, we had 30 plus turnovers in two periods. Acceptable is 10 to 12 a game. We spent 80 percent of the first two periods in our zone because of those mistakes. It’s obvious, guys aren’t grasping the idea of making the right decision at the right time and making the puck do the work and it obviously cost us the hockey game.*”

    Couple quick notes

    – Danny Syvret blocked a shot and it caught him on an unpadded spot just above the skate. It looked scary as he went down and needed help getting off the ice with no pressure on his leg. But he returned in the second period.

    – Binghamton was eliminated before the game was over when Bridgeport won, but wasn’t aware until after the game.


    Jon Matsumoto

    On scoring his career-high 30th goal:

    “Last year I was stuck on 29 in the last game and I had about 15 shots or something, so it was kind of nice. Nicer to get the win for the fans here, but that’s the way the season’s been going.”

    On his future with the Flyers organization:

    “I haven’t even thought about next year it. I’m restricted at the end of the year, so we’ll see what happens during the summer. I don’t know if they’re going to qualify me or not. We’ll see.”

    On the new, young players:

    They’ve been fitting in well. We’re giving them a chance to play and a lot of them have proven themselves. Holmer’s (Holmstrom) fit in nicely. Gussy’s (Gustafsson’s) on fire. It seems like he’s burying everything these days. He probably came here and felt like this was so easy.

    “Shane (Harper), he’s a good little player, he’s going to have a good future with the organization. And Stewey (Brian Stewart), we haven’t given him much help the past couple games. He had his first win yesterday and if we helped him out a little more he could have had two in a row tonight. Even the other guys that haven’t had a chance to play as much have come in with good attitudes.”

    Greg Gilbert

    On the young players:

    “These kids are playing with fire and energy and they’re trying to prove themselves and trying to leave a good impression on the organization and get their opportunity for next year. It’s unfortunate that we have some of our guys who’ve been here all year not playing like they need to play. They’re also giving impressions to the organization, and decisions are going to be made down the road.”

    On the goaltending:

    “I thought Stewey (Brian Stewart) might have had a couple he wanted back. But early in the game he was getting pelted and pounded again because we couldn’t make the plays to get out of our zone.”


    Scratches: Injured — Bourdon, M. Clackson, Beaulieu. Healthy — Teslak, Sloane, Dingle, Bellamy, Valery-Trabucco, C. Clackson. In-absentia: Denis Bodrov, Jason Ward.

    – Tim