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Exit interview: Phantoms captain Jared Ross

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  • Exit interview: Phantoms captain Jared Ross

    (Over the course of the next few days I’ll be rolling out interviews done with several Phantoms players at the conclusion of the season. Here’s a tentative lineup. Tuesday: Jared Ross; Wednesday: Pat Maroon; Thursday: Joey Mormina/Sean Curry; Weekend: coach Greg Gilbert, VP Mike Thompson and Phantoms ownership.)

    How would you characterize your own season?

    *”Definitely struggled personally, didnít achieve the goals I wanted to. With the team we had this year, a young team, I think we learned a lot and I think thatís going to carry over into next year. Weíre going to have a young team next year Ė I donít know if Iíll be back or not. If I am Iím looking forward to it and Iím excited about next season.”

    *Do you want to come back to the Flyers organization?

    *”Yeah. Weíll see what happens, weíll see who else is out there. Iíve always liked this organization. Been here for three plus years so Iíd definitely like to end up back here, weíll just have to see what happens.”

    How do you think the transition went from John Paddock to Greg Gilbert?

    *”Weíve had three different coaches the three years Iíve been here. I think that the teamís weíve had here have bought into the coachesí systems. Whether we executed them or not, I donít think we executed Coach Gilbertís systems the whole year and thatís what hurt us. I think if we would have bought into them a little earlier we would have been a little more successful.”

    *What causes that lack of execution?

    *”It has to do with a lot of different things. Definitely communication on the ice. It has a lot to do with hockey sense, too, and guys being able to adapt to new systems. I donít think we adapted to his system early enough.”

    Gilbert talked a lot about the same mistakes being repeated throughout the year. Was there a problem in getting his message or responding to it?

    Ithink as a team we really didnít get what he was saying. A lot of the guys we wanted to do our own thing. And when you got a lot of guys wanting to do their own thing on a team, it causes a lot of problems. Itís a lot easier to play on a team when everyone is one the same page. And I donít think this team was on the same page throughout the year.”

    *Is there a reason why the team wasn’t on the same page?

    *”I donít really know what the explanation for it is. Iíve been on teams where itís there and Iíve been on teams where itís not there. I would have to say on this team it just wasnít there. I think maybe there was a lack of work ethic at some times and it could be attributed to other things to do.”

    *If youíre back next year, can this be fixed?

    *”Absolutely. The message can be easily changed and it starts from day one, whenever we all show up for camp. For us to be successful next year, the message is going to have to be changed immediately.”

    – Tim