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Terrible news - Ogie/Frank passed away

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  • Shocked as everybody else. I'll always imagine he looked like the actual Ogie in Slap Shot, from his avatar. RIP.


    • Nice to see Frank remembered by ex-O&B members (even NewSchool)and other Flyers fans...

      PS: Started by our own O&B member "Polar Bear".


      • Unbelievable! My sincerest condolences to his family and loved ones.

        I didn't know Frank outside of his posts here, but I've always enjoyed reading what he had to say. Tragedies like this are a stark reminder of just how fragile our lives are and how important it is to treasure each new day.

        He will be missed.
        I don't suffer from insanity - I enjoy every minute of it!


        • Sad sad news.

          Im not here much anymore, but I always made it a point to see what Ogie said.

          Such a great loss for so many people. Thoughts n prayers for all who knew him.

          O&B will never be the same.



          • Over the past couple days, I keep coming back hoping I misread, or was hallucinating, or SOMETHING...

            I wasn't the biggest fan of how he handled some things, but one thing you could say for Ogie was that he was honest. He would never bull**** you, and you knew everything he said was exactly what he meant. It's sad that such a prominent guy on this board should have to go this early in his life.

            I'm not a religious man, but if God exists, I'm sure He has a place for you...RIP Ogie
            Shouting the loudest or most often does not make you more correct.


            • Originally posted by Ogie View Post
              this is annette/netty, Ogie AZ/Frank's girlfriend. i have loved reading the responses so quickly posted on Orange and Black for his family and myself. his passing was sudden and at a very young age of 40 -- so unexpected in fact that he was still signed on here, his facebook, etc. i would love to share all of these beautiful messages with his family, please keep posting. his love for life and for hockey has truly touched the world.
              I am so sorry for your loss. I met Frank when he lived in Arizona and a few of the O&B members met to watch a Flyers game. I have a picture of the group that got together that night.


              • someone should contact the flyers and have him honored at a game. you know how they do those segments during TV timeouts...


                • This place is just a very quick distraction from a very busy and stressful professional life. Sometimes it's just venting. I don't have any problem with Ogie. I'd buy him a beer in a heartbeat along with anyone else here. Leighton is the one issue I have with him and I'm sure he couldn't give a ****. I vent. He vents. Tomrrow is Thursday and it's forgotten.
                  This is eating me alive. "Tomorrow was Thursday" and he was gone. I don't think he saw my post and it's tearing me up. Man did he make me laugh. I hope he knows it was all in good fun. What's the point of posting if Ogie isn't going to lambaste me? Where ever you are, I hope you saw that last post Bro. It was just teen aged locker room fun.


                  • OMG

                    Just saw this, awfully news

                    RIP OGIE


                    • Just wanted to come in here and post my condolences.

                      Ogie and I never got along, surprise surprise... Having said that, he was a good man, a good father, and way, way too young to pass.