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    Sounds good. I'll be attending a game on February 13th down in Philly. Would you know, if by any chance, that the brick will be done, installed and the location of it beforehand? If so, please let me know. Maybe I could take a picture of it and have it sent to Mike Barr or to Evee and let them paste it to this website's forum. Just an idea.


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      Originally posted by evee1234 View Post
      Frank Thorpe
      Ogie 1970-2011

      Looks like this is the one. Annette said that Ogie was his hockey name since high school. No way to put O&B in there but like Pit said, everyone knows of his connections to this place. If there are no objections I will go ahead and order the brick and replicas for his family.
      Thanks for taking care of this evee. Much appreciated.