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    I like this idea for a forum for Ogie. This will be a permanent fixture here so feel free to use this area to post your thoughts, photo's, memories, etc. of Ogie. I know a few of you met him and have photo's of those meetings. This is the first time I have set anything like this up, hope I did it correctly. Mike, is there a way of putting this banner in a sort of header in this forum?

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    Pieces are in place for the future. We still need a top pairing defenseman and a scoring winger. Doesn't look like we are going to get anything from Free Agency or a trade due to our cap limitations. Development years ahead.

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    Nice to see a picture of him to connect him with his posts. I was supposed to meet up with him in Phoenix a few years back, but troubles in his personal life at the time prevented that. Like Polar said in the other thread, it still seems kind of surreal.


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      I never met Frank or anyone else from this board. But I think you can get an idea of what some posters are like from the way they present themselves here. I never felt like Ogie used the anonymity of the Internet to present a false front or an image of himself that wasn't real. Reading his posts, you always knew Ogie was giving it to you straight. He didn't mince words, he didn't dance around the subject, and he cared. He seemed like a passionate guy and always struck me as someone it would be fun to have a beer with and talk about the Flyers.
      I remember when he signed off this board to devote time to some non-Internet aspects of his life (in other words, his life) and a lot of members were sorry to see him go. That included me. He came back to make some changes to the board he felt were necessary. That was like a breath of fresh air in my view, and I was happy to be able to read his posts again. I am not a computer savvy guy so I don't know exactly what all goes into maintaining this board but I know Ogie put in a lot of time making it the best Flyers board out there.
      I will miss him and I still thank him for all he did to make this board a success. Ogie was a bad-***.


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        Great idea Evee and thanks for posting a picture of Ogie ,for years I always thought Ogie would look like his Avatar picture with the hair etc...but its nice to now put a face with a guy I respected greatly.I didnt know Frank personally and other than a few exchanged emails the only exchange I had was in posts ,but Ogie was such a huge part of this board I respected his opinions on each topic.
        Above all,Ogies passion for the Flyers was something we could all share and relate to even when we dont see things the same at times.
        Ogies last post was about goalies,a topic with the Flyers he was very opinionated about...well like most of us are too!
        I still cant believe the terrible news ....I just wanted to say thanks Ogie for all your help,your work in making the O&B a great place to go to for Flyers news and I truly hope the Flyer can win a Cup this year .I know you will be here celebrating with us all in spirit.
        I will miss your posts especially the ones about goalies ! My condolences to Ogies family.
        sigpicPhiladelphia Flyers: Home of future Stanley Cup Champions on other teams.


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          evee1234...thank you for keeping Frank memory alive. I know he would have been honored to be remembered by so many people that he never met but who share his love for the Philadelphia Flyers.

          We all miss him deeply and appreciate everyone keeping him in their hearts and prayers.

          ginnyt (frank's mom)