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    Awesome! A great tribute - I look forward to walking by the arena and seeing this!
    Welcome to the "Hockey" Hall of Fame:

    Originally posted by hockey
    Hi Everyone.
    I just heard that the Flyers traded Paul Forsberg to Nashville.
    Is this true ?
    Originally posted by hockey
    So it's true ? They really traded him to Nashville ?
    Honestly, I am surprised by that.
    Paul may have had trouble with his skates and his ankles, but when he played, boy could he play.
    Originally posted by hockey
    Fedoruk is the perfect choice for the "C" !!!!!!!!

    Why everbody continues to harp that Mike "Lackluster" Richards is the 2nd coming of Rob Clarke is beyond me.


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      What would Fred do?


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          That's great, looks good.
          Pieces are in place for the future. We still need a top pairing defenseman and a scoring winger. Doesn't look like we are going to get anything from Free Agency or a trade due to our cap limitations. Development years ahead.


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            That's great - nice work guys


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              Excellent job!


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                AMAZING! this going to part of the Wells Fargo Centre?

                Very cool!


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                  Originally posted by PhillyPhreak View Post
                  Did they ever determine how he died? I keep checking the old threads but it was never made known.
                  Hi all,

                  We finally received the autopsy report for Frank, he died from a hemorrhage to the brain caused by high blood pressure.

                  I hope that Frank's children will receive the brick replica means a lot to all of us...thank you for making this happen. I know in my heart that Frank would have been so happy to see a brick in his name.

                  Our family wishes to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time.

                  Ginny Thorpe....Frank's mom