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Apparently no Flyer lineup changes for Game 2...

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    How many years does Gudas have left? After today I don't ever want to see him on the ice as a Flyer again.


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      Originally posted by Niittyzus View Post
      How many years does Gudas have left? After today I don't ever want to see him on the ice as a Flyer again.
      1 year. [EDIT: 2 years. f*ck.] Even if Morin makes the roster, we'll probably see Gudas consistently dressed if Hakstol is still the coach, since he said all year this season that he doesn't want 6 left-handed D men dressed.

      Ideally though Morin plays well enough next season that Gudas is the regular #7 and Manning won't be resigned. Manning won't be in an NHL top 6 barring injuries next season, just like Vandevelde had to sign in the SM-Liga this year after 2 seasons of 79 and 81 games played with the Flyers. Manning and Vandevelde are both 2 damning examples of Hakstol's ineptitude imo.
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        Wiese provided just what I thought he would in the final two games, and it was something we needed. He's an expensive 4th liner, but then again so is Lehtera. Not saying Wiese was/is a savior, but he brings a physical element sorely needed on this team. All that being said, I'm proud of the life the team showed in the final two games, I think Coots playing hurt like that was a huge morale booster. My opinion hasn't changed on two things though; I still think Hak makes bad personnel and strategic decisions (like the 4th line and 3rd pairing getting very little ice time in the 3rd) and the officiating in this series was absolutely horrid. Yesterday the Penguins officially became the Dallas Cowboys of the NHL when it comes to getting breaks from officials. Pretty coincidental that everytime the officials let the boys play, the Flyers did great, so the officials started making bullshit calls in succeeding periods to tilt the ice in the Pens favor.