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GDT: Flyers vs Kings

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  • GDT: Flyers vs Kings

    7PM EST

    It has been 25 days since the Flyers lost a game. That's a long time not to have your mellow harshed.

    Stolarz is tabbed for the start.

    If they win tonight they can be just past halfway to the longest consecutive win streak in the NHL. Currently the Blue Jackets have it with 17. They are going to need to keep bagging points. It looks like the other Metro and eastern conf WC bubble teams have got the memo and are starting to win too, making it harder for Philly to gain ground.

    Jeff "High and Wide" Carter is presumed out still for LA, so at least getting scored on by a former Flyer is not on the board.

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    hopefully no one in front gets hurt in warm-ups or Folin is going to be a 13th forward. Knight isn't quite ready yet, and Lehtera cleared and is on his way to Allentown
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      Well, we are facing a starter tonight, in Quick.


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        That shootout goal by G was SICK. Too bad TK lost control of his opportunity....he had the goal right on his stick.


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          Yup ... dirty goal by G .... TK has the ability to be the next G.
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            Sucks they lost I hate the shootout. The being said they battled back and still got a point.
            Right now it seems all Metro teams above them are winning as well, not making up any ground this week. Just keep getting points boys.


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              Letting themselves get outplayed in the first period cost them. They were even with a Kings team that was working hard the rest of the way. The late push to tie it and then the OT were pretty intense.

              A point was a lot better than nothing.

              Hopefully Saturday they can exploit whatever is wrong with the Ducks in their current free-fall. Then next up is a huge four point game agains the Pens.


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                Jake really upped his trade value after last night....


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                  That Simmonds chance that was missed in the first period ended up being BIG.


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                    He needs to be traded, soon. It must be awkward in the locker room knowing your fate.