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Raffl Signed For Two Years ($1.6M AAV)

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    Originally posted by clumsysnake View Post
    ... Knight and Varone on our 4th line shows we lack depth at the bottom of the lineup.

    If he's happy playing that 4th ES / PK / utility forward role then thats great for us. Laughton / Raffl is a solid starting point for the bottom 6.
    Originally posted by IceHokie View Post
    ... comfortable plugging him to any of the 4 lines and a great PK guy.
    So I admittedly don't get to view games except, it seems, on some very rare occasions ...
    ... but it [a number of times times lately] seems from looking at the boxscores that Raffl always has the lowest TOI of any of the forwards. Happened again tonight, as easily the lowest TOI, when Knight was the second-lowest got about 25% more TOI.

    I know he obviously couldn't get time killing the first penalty since he was in the box, and I didn't see if he took any PK shifts in the third. But, I was surprised by the signing since the coaching staff hasn't looked like they are especially comfortable sending him out regularly based on his number of shifts & ice time.

    Is this just a result of the playoff push rolling only three lines too much (whether dressing seven D or not)?

    Last edited by AIK1891; 03-27-2019, 11:11 PM. Reason: Looked over his gae logs, and it seems to see-saw in his TOI, but still seems trending lower than under Hakstol.


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      Sort of a fluke and probably not meaningful in this game at least.

      They mostly played together but Knight did a few shifts with Laughton and Hartman and that trio got a goal which probably got them a few more shifts together.

      Knight and Raffl both sat at the same time together near the end when the bench got shortened.