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  • The playoffs

    What Columbus is doing to Tampa seems sort of noteworthy. Shades of '09-10 Flyers.

    The Flyers put 13 goals in against the Lightning in three games. They lost all three, but that made me wonder just how dominant Tampa were really going to be against teams that had their act together. Now it's looking like they might just be an extreme case of what the Sharks have done year after year, rack up points in the regular season and then pfft.

    They could come back, but 0-2 is not a good hole to be in.
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    I have to admit, I got excited when Jones scored in the 3rd in game 1. Amazing how when it's not a rival team, you always root for the underdog.

    Funny, I want a dynasty when we're good enough to do it, but if not; I'm enjoying the parity right now

    .......go isles?
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      Didn't we see this last year?


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        i think tampa turns it around. they're doing it to themselves with shitty coverage and shanking open nets.

        and yea washington lost their first two at home to columbus last year before winning the next 4, and the cup.


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          I dont care who wins the Cup as long as its not Toronto or Pittsburgh. Leaf fans are already planning the parade and 24 hour parade route analysis is occuring on TSN .
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            one of the best thing that could happen would be if Tampa gets bounced in the first has to think that they would rethink their strategy and maybe be willing to unload some players...something we might be able to benefit from


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              As long as Nashville wins at least one round


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                  Losing Kucherov for game 3 puts TB really down.


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                    Watching the playoffs so far has really illustrated how ill prepared the Flyers are for playoff success anytime soon. We lack the speed and tenacity that every team that made the playoffs has. Fletcher has a big task in front of him.