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    The Flyers will only offer electronic deliver of tickets this year. Last year, you could still get traditional printed tix. They say they have improved their App, which I did not like last year at all. You will still have a print at home option if you dont want to use the app. I am not sure yet, but assume parking passes will be the same.

    Gone are the days of keeping tix as momentos. I stopped keeping them early, but one I still have is from the game when Hexy scored his first goal. It is kind of a shame that those momentos will no longer be available.

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    Agreed, I like having a paper ticket in hand and keep a box of them in my drawer (not that I ever really look at them). Some day I'll look back at those and remember the first time I took my son's to see the Flyers play. I guess now we need to take a screen shot of them and keep them in your photo album for the memory. I'm shocked we can't pay more to get a paper ticket.


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      It's a never ending drive to better the bottom line. Exhausting really. The notion of the customer is lost. The customer should be able to get a paper copy, should be able to pay how they might prefer, should be able to feel like a customer. Soulless corporations.


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        The environmentalist are happy.

        I believe the biggest driver here is to cut down on fraudulent tickets. I won’t be surprised if the teams figure out a way to sell souvenir hard tickets upon entry into the arena with cool graphics and not all
        the T&C on the printed ones.


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          I got someone to admit that cost of production and mailing was the main reason, then again, they're right that it is the industry trend. I doubt this move will stop fraud and scalpers from creating false paper tickets. Scalpers have been dying off on site, but are now on line. Buyer beware as always.


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            Phillies and Eagles are doing the same thing.