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Is this the lamest off-season or are we just apathetic?

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  • Is this the lamest off-season or are we just apathetic?

    Maybe since most of us are old farts, and we're tired and have seen this off-season a few times in our past, we just don't care.

    Or perhaps nothing is really worth discussing because this NHL off season is boring for once.

    What do you think?
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    i think Chuck is trying to have a balancing act..between his vision and Hextall's blueprint..which was the right blueprint..but stubbornness cost him..we made one big splash..and a couple of lesser deals which IMO is the right way to do it..and for the draft..they stuck with the plan and did not get 'sexy'....

    choosing the 2nd or 3rd best D man in a draft is never a bad thing...if 5 years down the road one of the Fs we passed on is a superstar..and our D man is still in the minors..well that is the risk you run..but at the time it's never a bad call...

    yeah we had gotten too used to no salary cap and an owner with deep pockets who was willing to spend anything to get a guy..but those days are over for all teams...i just hope that the money they save on FA deals now goes to strengthening the scouting team and hiring the best guys they can get to manage that department.because those guys are the ones that will make or break a team....


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      League wide there's nothing going on until the RFA situation gets cleared up. This RFA situation is going to have long term repercussions. The owners were hoping that keeping down the costs on players in that category was going to help them with their roster costs. Now that's been blown up on them. Add to that with the players unhappiness over escrow withholdings, the chances of a labor mess in the near future is out there.
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        BTW ... when does training camp even start? I've been too focused on other matters to even know what the next few months hold (though I had seen in my looking ahead for my year that the Flyers are in Vegas for New Year's or right there about).


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          I was just going to post something to get a chat going. Y'all beat me to it.
          i think we got better with the guys gone and the new players in and we should benefit from a young ones being a year older and new sheriff and deputies behind the bench. The draft was ok for us.
          As it's been said numerous times. Hart will likely be the guy who makes everyone look good ...or if he has a sophomore slump.....we will see if the rest matters.


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            OK, if this starts some -- any -- conversation ...

            So this year I'm going out to live in Honolulu for a year (back after 20 years), and I've already lined up my apartment, etc ... ... now I need to contemplate what type of internet package I might get for viewing NHL games, keeping in mind with the time difference that a number of Flyers games will likely play while I am still at work in the courthouse. Hopefully being halfway across the Pacific I should finally be out of Comcast's regional locality blackout for Flyers games, but don't know about NBCSports blackouts(?).

            Any updated suggestions?


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     + VPN.


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                yea i just vpn around those issues. havenít figured how to get my roku to use the vpn yet tho


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                  While at work (in a Judge's chambers/courthouse) I would likely be going through whatever courthouse wi-fi is available for my laptop. I have a student-ready apartment (no need to move furniture) that includes a log-in restricted, but otherwise public, wi-fi network and some no-name "free cable included" so I can't add any services through my apartment like subscription channels.

                  I'm really most-likely to just link my devices via cables (e.g. my laptop to my phone for my laptop to use my phone's data) instead of any wi-fi and watch on my laptop or an iPad.

                  It really did drive me crazy living in Naples & Gainesville, FL and Brigantine, NJ and constantly getting blacked out for "local" teams (Panthers, Lightening, Flyers, Devils, Rangers, and Islanders, and then additionally for games showing on NBCSports). I was hoping that being out in Hawai'i might finally at least be away from local teams' markets.


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                    While we empathize with your issues, I think living in Honolulu will somehow make up for that.

                    In terms of activity here, the way things are now, all the activity is in the first week of July, and late June. The most interesting thing in August would only be running into Bobby Clarke on the Ocean City Nj beach.