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  • Konecny Contract

    Seeing what Colin White just got from Ottawa (6yr 4.75 mil) is it even possible to Get Konecny under a decent deal that doesn't end up as just a bridge?

    Last year:
    White 71GP 14G 27A 41PTS age 22
    Konecny 82GP 24G 25A 49PTS age 22

    I'll grant that no one actually WANTS to play in Ottawa, so they need to pay; and it's a full deal to UFA, not a bridge. It's still worrisome because it's contracts like these that are guaranteeing a lockout once the CBA is up.

    I'm hoping we can get Konecny on a bridge deal at somewhere south of 3.5 if that's the rout Fletcher is going, but the RFA standoffs this season are just ridiculous.

    anyway; something to talk about so we're not talking about not talking
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    If Konecny would be willing to take White’s deal w/o any movement impediments, it would be a fair deal for both sides. IMO, he’s a player and will only improve. $4.75 for this year and the next would probably be an overpay for his production but most likely not for the last four years of the contract. It would be interesting to see if he would take that offer. Also it leaves enough cap space to get Provorov ‘s deal done.
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      That's the problem with waiting for someone else to set the market. In this case, they've set the minimum for what Konecny will expect to get. If he got a similar deal, would expect him to live up to it after a year or two. But yes, next CBA negotiations are going to be interesting.


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        The rumors suggest 3 yrs at 4.5 per.
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          Konecny and Provo to the Flames for Thackuk and Brodie. Lots of contract uncertainties but the idea is fun.


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            I like the idea of Thackuk playing in philly.


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              I hate the idea of Brodie playing for our team.

              In some ways the White deal is actually good. It has term which you can't discount. If Konecny wants to sign a 6y deal at 5.25 or 5.5M I am on board. If he wants to bridge that then he shouldn't be getting the same amount of money as White. Term == Bigger Payday.


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                Getting TK signed long term will allow his contract to look like a solid deal 3 years from now...similar to how Couts' deal looks like a complete bargain now.

                I think Hexy should have been more aggressive in getting Provorov and TK signed last full out 8yr deals and giving these kids security and good money for the first 3 years of the deal. But the cap space probably didn't help for Hexy.


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                  A beat writer out of Columbus reported this yesterday:

                  Brian HedgerþVerified account @BrianHedger Aug 21
                  Also heard Provorov's camp asked for $10m cap hit, which I'm hoping/guessing was attached to an eight-year deal. So ... #CBJ

                  Followed by this today:

                  Told #Flyers D Ivan Provorov's camp did not ask for $10m AAV, as I'd heard yesterday from a very good source. However, different source today expects the AAV price to jump significantly for top RFA D signing long-term deals this summer. And we wait ...


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                    will be interesting to see how far off the evolvingwilds models are gonna be for the remaining big contracts.

                    I'm wondering what real role the TV deal is playing in getting these RFAs signed. The current TV deal ends in 2 years and some people have mentioned that players dont want to sign for what we would think of as a 'market' number long term because the cap will go up drastically after the tv deal. But even if the tv deal price doubles ($200-$400m/yr), thats only about an extra $3m cap increase. I think its all just posturing and most guys will get signed reasonably. The insane Nylander/Matthews contracts, which triggered the Marner kerfuffle, gummed up the works . Its all the Leafs' fault, as usual.

                    Still hoping we can get TK long term around 5 and provorov long term around 7-7.5.