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Is Vigneault the hard-*** this team needs?

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  • Is Vigneault the hard-*** this team needs?

    So I've long felt that there weren't any type A *******s in the locker room and that we needed one. Giroux is too nice, Couts is too quiet, Voracek is a wise-*** but doesn't direct it at his teammates, Hakstol was too stiff, Simmer was the closest thing we had to a guy who was gonna call out players and he's gone. Imo there needs to be a little bit of edge in the locker room so guys don't slide or shrink.

    So far in his interviews AV is very diplomatic to the media but seems to have a "my way or the highway" attitude towards the players. Often its the coach that brings that edge and not the players. Of course they don't last long before they get tuned out, but they can get results in the short term.

    Do y'all think aside from his Xs and Os experience, AV's demanding attitude will jumpstart this team? I'm optimistic.

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    Hope so! Today will be an interesting game with how many vets will be in the lineup. AV is speeding up the cuts in camp, hopefully these guys can be flying by the time the first game comes around.


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      I remember AV coaching the Habs up here...he has grown immensely in the command he seems to have when speaking in the media...and if that is any indication of how things are in the locker room, I think he is very honest with his players (especially the leadership core) and if he feels someone isn't pulling their weight, he won't be shy to address this.

      Apart from having Hart with the team from the beginning of the season, AV was the most important change we saw this offseason.