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GDT: Flyers @ Devils G#12

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  • GDT: Flyers @ Devils G#12

    I'll do it for dogzus this time

    Game #12, 7PM ET

    Hart's in net. I assume we'll see Myers in for Hagg, Rubtsov in for Voro, and smeagle in for... Pitlick? Pitlick looked horrible last game.

    november is a hellish schedule with 16 games, including TWO 4-in-6s. we need hart to be atleast passable and our bottom 6 to score some goals so we can spread the minutes.

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    Lol you beat me by like a minute.

    This team has seemed very sensitive to little line-up tweaks. Get it wrong and they are bad bad bad.

    Haven't seen much from Pitlick or Stewart to justify their spots.

    The Devils have not been good and if we get the bad bad bad version of the Flyers tonight this could wind up being a breakout game for NJ. Please no, sez I.


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      Debs have been giving up a lot of goals...and if there is a team that can cure what ills just might be them. Glad we'll get Hart back in the saddle...and really looking forward to the addition of the kids.

      Its time for the leadership group to step up and show the way. It starts tonight!!


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        Look for G to steamroll Jack Hughes, and score 6 secs later.


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          Stewart has been awful. I don't really know what he brings to this team. I imagine part of Fletcher signing him was doing him a favour but that guys got to sit.


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            stewart gives you physicality, fighting, veteran gravitas, work ethic, and just seems like a nice guy. we have a young team and some chemistry issues IMO so i'm fine with seeing how he does. especially if he's getting 8min or less. once guys get healthy you can make him the 13th without an issue.

            a team is not simply the average of its Corsis.


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              The board is back!


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                Cooter and Hart!

                Now we actually get to play some effing home games.


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                  I was at the game..... Here are my 10 thoughts from the live perspective:

                  1. Dreadful face off was brutal.
                  2. TK seemed to be everywhere.... I love it.
                  3. G, JVR, and Jake were invisible, AGAIN
                  4. Farabee is gonna be a hell of a good player.
                  5. D didn't stand up at the blue line enough... Too many times NJ got good scoring opportunities because we backed in too deep.
                  6. We carried the play more, but weren't dangerous at all. This is NOT good.
                  7. PP sucked.... Flat out terrible.
                  8. Newark cops f'ed us by ticketing my friend's car when we were clearly not parked illegally. We took pictures of the signs. Total horse shit!!!!!!!!!
                  9. Huge Flyers presence almost out chanted / cheered the NJ fans.
                  10. Still 100% classless fans for the disgusting cheer they yell.
                  "Perry the Platypus! I swear, of all the aquatic mammals I hang with, you are TRULY the most uncooperative!" - Dr. Doofenshmirtz


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                    Much more fun to watch tonight. Never out of it. Exciting finish.

                    Someone should point out to G that he makes almost 10x as much as Lindblom but it would really help the team if he would at least produce 1x as many goals. G has the lowest shooting percentage of any of the starting forwards.

                    Stewart had one noticeable shift on the forecheck. Plus he didn't stand there next to a guy and watch him tap in a goal tonight, so, better.

                    Braun was making me nervous in the third when he let someone go around him on like the next shift after when Hall got around him and the puck wound up in the net.

                    Hart was not peak Hart but he was good enough to win the game and really solid in the shootout. Jake/G/Couts was sure not the top three I would have picked to get the goal support in the shootout. Not with recent play.

                    Any theories about what Coots is playing through that makes him OK for most stuff but not face-offs? He coughed up the puck in 3 on 3 when it was right in front of him because it looked like he couldn't reach for it. But then he made that Forsberg move later with a one-handed reach.