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GDT: Flyers vs Leafs

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  • GDT: Flyers vs Leafs

    7PM ET

    The G line is allowed to be quiet on offense tonight as long as they keep Matthews off the board.

    Hopefully the frequency of games for the Flyers coming up will be a good thing for them to gel and not be an issue with fatigue.

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    I like AVs test approach, and a stretch like this will show if it works.


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      g line has best +/- on team, couts line the worst, interestingly enough


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        Leafs dominate most of the first, 1-1. Flyers dominate most of the second, 2-2. Let's see what happens in the third!

        One note -- Braun needs to sit. He's the worst defenseman we have at the moment -- Haag is playing better than him and Morin was no worse in his one game. Very disappointing -- I liked the acquisition for a veteran, defensive defenseman to play with a younger guy (like Ghost). But he's not what he used to be.
        Mike Barr, Founder


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          Why did they punish Farabee by putting him on a line with JVR and Giroux?


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            I have the Flyers radio feed on in the office (trying to finish a project today) ... and I have heard a couple Braun-mistake calls this afternoon, including just another one in the later part of the third period saying he canít try to make the pinch he just tried, & failed, at such a point in a tied game.


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              Tonight's synopsis for the tardy:

              1st period: Flyers were drunk.

              2nd period: Toronto sinned.

              3rd period: left one considering the game seemed to consist of wrap-arounds, flukes and own goals.

              OT: Leafs again felt shame-but Anderson forgave them.

              There were many shootout rounds, the Flyers decided to give their best sniper a chance too late to win it, and then TML reminded their fans in the arena that Philly sucks at shootouts.


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                ... also, hated hearing Voracek announced on shootout again (whenever I happen to see/hear him in the shootout he doesnít score)


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                  I'll take 3 of 4 guys have stabilized a bit.


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                    lots to like, lots to dislike. we played better overall except andersen was on it.