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GDT: Flyers vs Leafs

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    3 in 4 is good.

    They were in the game the whole way which makes for better watching. That many rounds of shootout, you just have to laugh.

    They did keep Matthews off the board. I didn't see the line split up coming though. G's effort in this game seemed to be a step up to what I think most of us expect from him every night. You can see when he's using top gear. JVR still looks like he hasn't hit his stride.

    It was really good to see Sanheim get to redeem his mistake in that one. I hope they figure out asap what the heck is going on with him getting tripped up every game now.

    Hard to believe Konecny was 0-8 in shootouts prior to that. He would have been on my short list based on his recent play.


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      That PP in OT bothered me a bit. It seemed like they could not take away Andersen's eyes...and didn't seem to be interested in trying to do so. It's rare to beat a goalie from far out, unless there is a screen.

      BTW...I did appreciate Provorov getting time as the point shot on PP1.


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        4 on 3 PPs are weird, never practiced.

        Provorov is back. looking like our best D again.


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          Laffs are the softest and most over rated team in the NHL.Nylander and most of the Laffs could play a game with 12 eggs in their pants and not break one of them . If the Flyers had played physical or could actually score in a shootout they win that game. But 3 of 4 points the l;ast two games is progress. Just hate losing to the Laffs.
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