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Gripes/Insights from the recent MB void

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  • Gripes/Insights from the recent MB void

    I thought we missed some good/interesting stuff while the board was down.

    Elliot tearing it up

    Carter creating doubt for the first time.

    Braun not as good as advertised

    Hagg not getting it done.

    Pitlick not so good

    G line choking

    Myers getting called up

    Morin looking below average in his one game.

    Rubstov gets recalled

    Team gets embarrassed and steamrolled In back to back games

    {inhale} I HEART CLAUDE GIROUX {exhale}


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    From how I have been following from out here — not able to watch games, but watching youTube highlight reels & following boxscore s — I think I have been pleasantly surprised by Hayes and Niskanen (I thought Fletcher quickly squandered too much of what Hextall has accumulated in assets and cap space), ... but not surprised (? really had low expectations actually) by what I found as unimpressive/poor for the remaining off-season moves.

    Still have to to remind myself that this team is without Patrick; though, still curse the Flyers poor luck at two of the more disappointing 2d-overall picks (still looking at Van Reimsdyk) in a long memory. (Even as I wonder about how/when Patrick might even come back, I really no longer hope for him developing into much of an impact player).


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      ... oh, and forgot to specifically indicate that I might have been directly griping over Pitlick/Braun types not only getting added (over trying out Aubé-Kubel/Morin/Friedman types), but continuing to play regardless.


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        I was happiest to see AV call out G and Jake. Glad to see kids come up.