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GDT: Flyers vs Canadiens

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  • GDT: Flyers vs Canadiens

    7PM ET

    Meltzer says Vorobyev back up, Rubstov back down. Hart to start again.

    Flyers collected 5 of the last 6 points. Have been playing better since they've been home.

    The Habs just beat first-in-the-Atlantic Boston, so here's hoping they are a bit spent from that. The Flyers will be in Boston in a few days, so they'd better be ready to compete at that level anyway or the next week ain't gonna be good.

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    Flyers need to take advantage of the weak PK on the Habs side. Also, Price has looked very human this season. Get bodies to the net and make life a little difficult for him. the boards and beat up these little smurfs. The effort you put into this one in the first period will go a long way to make life easier in the third period.

    Don't lose this one...for ME!!


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      Should be up by 4-5 after 2 periods...but only up 1. Flyers need to keep pressuring the Habs and find a way to get a 2 goal lead. They have played an excellent need to put it away.


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        What a ridiculous OT goal. They deserve that win, was really worried most of the third. Six blown powerplays, wow. I guess we can forgive it considering how good it's usually been this season. Figured the refs were itching to blow one against us but it luckily didn't happen.


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          Price was so in the zone for 3 periods...but shat the bed in OT. He has given quite a few bad goals this season.


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            TBH, the game the Flyers played today might have been their best overall performance over 60mins this season.


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              Apparently no one told the Habs that their PK is not good.

              The Flyers were officially 0 for the PP, but that one goal was basically a PP goal.

              Provorov whiffed on a hell of a lot of passes tonight. Good thing that isn't as deadly as the turn and trip thing that Sanheim seems to have gotten over.

              Is there a name for the strategy where you take so many penalties the refs stop calling all but the most egregious ones? Flyers opponents have been doing that for years. This may have been the most blatant case of it though.

              Decent numbers for Hart tonight against his idol. The Weber goal looked like one he probably wishes he would have had. Price no doubt wishes he had the game-winner back even more.


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                Originally posted by dogzus View Post
                Provorov whiffed on a hell of a lot of passes tonight.
                Noticed this as well...seemed to be fighting the puck all game. Does he use an extra small stick. He looks different that what I remember from previous seasons.


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                  he used a pretty short stick until last season when he added a few inches. then i think midway last season went back to his old length.


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                    Braun with least minutes on defense with 13:31. least ES minutes too.