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  • No team identity!

    Todays game prompted me to post after watching the Flames, who got torched 5-0 by the Blues last night, got delayed on their incoming flight to Philly, then came in the WFC to snap a 6 game losing streak at the expense of the inept can the Flyers consistently let this happen time and time again and be happy they got a point in the standings?

    Maybe Iím alone when I say this, but I find this Flyers team very boring to watch.

    They have absolutely no identity with their style of play:

    - they are not known as a skilled team...mostly a mucking/grinding group of guys...2 of the most skilled guys are the newbies (Frost and Farabee)
    - they are not know as a speed team...below avg team speed at best...other than Myers, their defensemen are plodding skaters...Braun is brutal!
    - they are not known as a physical team...this team peels off from a check opportunity WAY too much...other than Haag, Myers and Niskanen, the other defenseman are averaging 1 hit every other game...that will not strike fear into opposing forwards...2 of our biggest forwards JVR and Voracek avg 1 hilt every other game...that is PATHETIC!
    - they are not know as a smart team...Hockey IQ has been a question mark over the last several many more offensive zone cross ice pass attempts, through multiple players on the other team, are we going to see?

    They have been through several coaches over the last several years and the same thing remains: lapses of lazy hockey, poor hockey decision making and a failure to play 60 solid minutes of hockey on a consistent basis!

    I do like how AV has called out the underperforming, lazy veterans...but, I think this team needs a significant trade, including Voracek, Ghost and JVR to shake things up!

    Itís pretty bad when you last 2 BIG free agents additions are playing on the 3rd and 4th lines!

    Just waiting for Fletcher to make some moves...IT IS TIME! If not soon, then he better be a BIG seller at the deadline!

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    Yes identity is an issue. This is a team with many new parts. It takes time to redefine what we are going forward.
    in my humble opinion, parity in the league results in a compete dog fight to get into the playoffs. We're in a wild card spot and we've been underwhelming overall. Some good stuff and some bad stuff and a little bit of head scratching. We just need to grind and tweak and hope a few guys catch fire and drag the team along to a higher standard....let's call that consistentcy.


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      I've been saying this for years...

      We're not big and physical, or small and skilled. We're not know for being good defensively, or for scoring goals. The worst possible scenario of being stuck in the middle.

      I don't think there is one team in the league that fears the Flyers. We certainly won't beat them up, nor will we run up the score. The last 5-7 years have been painful. I've never watched fewer games in my life.

      Fans keep complaining why we are so poor in shootouts. I don't know, maybe cause we have zero high end players. Today's loss was a disgrace and a perfect example of this.

      I couldn't give two ****s if they traded 10 guys tomorrow...


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        Said it before, will say it again... look to the guy wearing the C. That is your problem with identity, fire, cohesion, whatever you want to call it.

        A.captain should set the tone. This team has a flatline


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          Originally posted by swami24 View Post
          Said it before, will say it again... look to the guy wearing the C. That is your problem with identity, fire, cohesion, whatever you want to call it.

          A.captain should set the tone. This team has a flatline
          I dont see how its Girouxs fault? He needs to set the tone? He has led this team in scoring for a damn century, great faceoff guy, and plays a 200 foot game. It is total bs to blame him. He sucks as a captain cuz he isnt a bug guy who lands big hits and fights?
          They need a sniper and to move Jake and Ghost for a forward who can shoot.
          Complaining about losing in a shootout? First. The shootout rule is the dumbest thing in pro sports. Imagine an NBA game being decided by a dunk contest. Second, I would rather practice the new system than practice shootouts.
          They are better this year than they have been in the last few years, they just need some tweaking and to get in this system.


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            not true...we have an identity: The Slump Breakers


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              Making third string goalies look like Hall of Fame goalies...that's also part of our identity.


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                Originally posted by lynchmob450 View Post
                Making third string goalies look like Hall of Fame goalies...that's also part of our identity.
                Truth! They need some speed and a sniper.


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                  Originally posted by sswin08 View Post

                  Truth! They need some speed and a sniper.
                  speed - - - Farabee?
                  sniper - - - Frost?

                  here's to hoping...


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                    Hey all. Been a while. Agree not much identity. Which is strange because Philly always had an identity. Hurts to see the Flyers become....just another team.

                    ill admit Iím old school and not the best at adapting to this new age game and players but I realize the need for skill,speed over toughness character etc.

                    however. Still need some. Not the bruisers of yesteryear. But need some guys who can bang and wear the other team down. Look at the Leafs! Tons of skill. Charmin soft. Donít get it done.

                    Harts been up and down. To be expected. But I think weíre good in net with him. Heíll adapt to the NHL and be a beauty. Still think heís too technical and needs to be prepared for the play/shot heís not expecting, which worked in junior but heíll figure it out.

                    The D looks good with Provy Sanheim Myers. Provy is a beast. Sanheim in time I think will be a solid 2nd pairing guy who provides O but needs to clean up the D side a bit. Myers is a ? Definitely a player. But how good? He may become the top dog or be a middling are there. Can he put it all together?

                    TK, Lindblom, Farabee, Frost. Nice young group to build on.

                    can we please trade Ghost and JVR to get some help or assests....both are useless. Hopefully no one else but us know?....

                    Love the coaching staff and thereís a solid foundation with more potential in the pipeline.

                    I think when the young guys who Iíve mentioned mature become the leaders of the team and if the Org makes a few smart deals this club can be a contender

                    But...back to the original question....I want someone on that 4th line. Preferably someoneís...who bring that Philly identity back. Load up the top 3 lines with skill. But give this team a few guys who bang and donít just stare at their skates when the going gets tough. Thatís not Flyers hockey. And the skill guys will be better knowing someone is out there to look after them.

                    Trade a 2nd or 3rd for Reeves. Whatever Get someone in here to protect these young guys, give the Flyers their tough identity, tough team, tough place to play back.