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GDT: Flyers vs Canucks

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    Still lots of bad puck luck for the Flyers, they could easily have had scored 4-5 in that game. Great push back after the first period, they absolutely dominated the Canucks. That Giroux/TK/Frost line was so dangerous every time they were out there. Nice to see Jake get a couple points. Hopefully he can build off these last two games.


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      We need to keep Jake with Couts and Lindblom. Those two make things easier for a guy like Jake....allow his stats to get back to looking responsible...then Fletcher needs to strike.


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        The top line did skate circles around the Canucks for the last.2 periods.


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          That was better but the lack of scoring has been noticeable for a few weeks. At least the team D is generally good and the mistakes are fewer. It's tough to win night in and night out with two goals though.

          Are we supposed to believe the Canucks only committed one penalty in a game where the Flyers spent so much time buzzing in the offensive zone? Especially when the refs had to know they blew that early crosscheck call. If the game had been played in Canada I'd expect a bit of reluctance to penalize Vancouver, but in Philly? Bah.

          Laughton was a liability with the puck. I hope he's just rusty.

          Now what can they do to get JVR going?


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            kinda loving giroux with the young burners... he looks rejuvenated

            it looks like we have two scoring lines now finally. they actually are noticeable when on the ice. kudos to AV for going with Voracek/TK as top-2 RWs. thats the way its gotta be, and jake responded.


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              Gotta say, when I saw the fly boys play in Anaheim a few years ago, couts and Voracek did play well, together. That said, I ainít no Voracek fan. Yep