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    we're going to need a D-man coming back in any trade...hopefully if ghost starts to light it up...a mini-bidding war will occur....


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      Personally, getting Ghost to buy in and play a style of game that will help this team is more valuable than anything we'd get in return for him at this time. Especially if he could do this while playing on the 3rd d-pairing.


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        I remember reading somewhere a while back about how the staff had brought Braun in (or partnered once he was in) to partner with Gostisbehere but that it didnít work, and that comment seemed to put the responsibility for the failure of the pairing on Gostisbehere. I have otherwise asked here how people viewed Braun since I only see stat lines and not much footage unless itís Braun on the ice for a goal against, and Braunís stats had been horrific.

        Is part of it maybe who he pairs with bringing him down, or does he bring down whoever pairs with him? I remember the planned pairing of Provorov-Gostisbehere a few years ago that fizzled our. I canít now remember who he was paired with during his good stretches (accepting that in 3-on-3 overtime and PP1 he is not paired with any other D).

        But for something Iíve said elsewhere, while this team is playing well and winning, I donít really care who is making how much to only play on the fourth line or third pairing, or even scratched when the coach wants to send a message. I would not be inclined to trade anyone at the moment, so I would have to be blown away by offers; which doesnít seem likely right now while Gostisbehere is on a low ebb. Stand pat for now.


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          AIK...from my perspective, the Ghost-Braun pairing didn't work because they just didn't connect. If you remember during preseason, there was a time when Provorov-Niskanen were split because it wasn't working. But then the season started and that #1 pairing came back together and they have just gotten better and better every game. I would not blame Ghost for the failure of the Braun partnership...both guys should receive equal "blame". And IMHO, that blame shouldn't scar these guys in our eyes as simply being bad players. Braun has been very solid since he got paired with Sanheim. While his numbers seem to be the weakest of the d-group, i don't think he is their weakest link.

          What i have seen over the last few games gives me confidence that Ghost is regaining his mojo. AV and Yeo now need to pepper him with their confidence and allow him to ride this. If he and Myers can play together as a 3rd pairing...i'll go out on the limb and guess that we will look at that pairing as the best 3rd pairing the Flyers have ever iced.


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            Lynch ... how have the PP units been setting up using D of late? PP1 is a 4F/1D that Provorov has taken the D spot(?); is PP2 a 4/1 or a 3/2?

            I do(did?) love Gostiebehereís one-timer from the point, and maybe some of his highest offensive output stretches were the result of good bounces and/or finishes on rebounds from his shot. (Maybe Simmons was that good PP net-front presence during Gostisbehereís best stretches?)

            Aside from I generally like using one 4/1 and one 3/2 to have different looks for opposing PK to face, I should still like to hope that Gostisbehereís shot is being fully utilized by on PP unit.(?)


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              sometimes pairings donít work for 40 games and then suddenly they work for 10 years. itís just about being able to read off your partner and know what heís gonna do. ghost sorta plays his one way and anyone needs time to adjust to it.

              also, ghost needs someone who can skate if the idea is his partner is gonna cover up his mistakes. ghost and braun are prolly the two slowest d.

              imo, sanheim has been nerfed a bit by playing with braun. he hasnít looked impactful so far.


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                AIK...over most of the games in November and into December, Provorov has been the dman on PP1 (4/1), with Ghost playing the shooter role on PP2 (3/2...Niskanen playing the safety d role).