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GDT: Flyers vs Maple Leafs

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  • GDT: Flyers vs Maple Leafs

    7PM ET

    This could be an interesting one. Both teams are currently playing well of late under new(ish) coaches. Things were close in the two previous match-ups this season, with the Leafs still under the old coach. One win for each team in a shootout. Maybe Toronto will be trying harder to impress the new coach, but the Flyers play better at home. Tough call. I just hope if it gets past regulation that it ends in the OT again. Provorov certainly made a case for himself to be the D that starts OT if it gets that far.

    Hart to start. Ghost apparently scratched again. Don't recall him being bad in his last appearance, although he did have less even strength time than any other D-man. Are they going to start matching the D up against opponents now? Bigger Haag/Myers against some teams. Smaller skill guy Ghost against others?

    It's good to have the boards back! I missed the GDT during the long weekend.

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    leafs lack defensive pride. that was a weird end... felt bad for freddie.

    Hart really deserved the shutout.... fluky goal. He was a ****ing rock.


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      Yeah the Mathews line just don't compete hard enuf in their zone...and Matthew's looks a bit lost without Marner.

      I LOVED the response to the tying goal. It's like they said fuk that, this game is ours. Super determined.
      And then Good to see some guys get off the snyde.


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        So impressed with how different this team looks/plays under AV compared to Hakstol...what a difference.


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          Damn...Raffl breaks a finger. Gone for a month.


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            Who comes up? Phantoms have a lot of injuries now. Twarynski? Maybe Vorobyov since he's a center, if they want to leave the rest of the lines alone.

            What a crazy game. Too bad for that fluky Toronto goal. That kind of thing happens to Hart so much. He looks so good against many tough, high-skilled chances and then some kind of garbage happens. He deserves way more than one career NHL shutty by now, but I suppose he can console himself with a .964 save percentage tonight.

            Those extra goals after the empty netter had me laughing a bit too hard.


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              I am afraid to get excited. The response to the tying goal was better than anyone expected. Raffl out sucks. That 4th line is capable of being a threat. Pitlick is a fierce forechecker. Myers and Ghost looked real good. I hate that they are paying 7m to a 2 guys playing 3rd and 4th line. That being said.... the team is 4 lines deep and that is dangerous as hell. Recent history says we should be prepared for a slap in the face with reality but man it just feels different this year. It is so awesome to finally see these touted prospects on the team and making a difference. AV is a legit coach and this staff is proving its value.


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                finally the coaches are getting the most out of our players' natural ability.

                ...but lets be honest, this is all about having consistently good goaltending!


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                  last night was the Myers show..what a game..not just his sick outlet passes, but his ability to read a play and make the right decision at the right time...


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                    Originally posted by flyerdog View Post
                    last night was the Myers show..what a game..not just his sick outlet passes, but his ability to read a play and make the right decision at the right time...
                    Seriously! If he can start doing this on a consistent basis, look out!