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  • Post-site-outage recap

    Huzzah, the site is back.

    Did we just get a good idea of how important Niskanen has become to this team? He missed one game against a not-good team and it was an adventure. If not for Elliott that could have been an ugly loss.

    Myers was back in and of course led the team with a +2. If Niskanen is back maybe it is time for Braun to sit a game. He's gotten a lot of stick around here for his numbers when it was hard to fault him for what was happening on ice, but last night he was conspicuously bad.

    Farabee should be back tomorrow. Stewart back down again? His presence seemed to have the desired effect at keeping the game against Ottawa from escalating things started in the previous game. That's done for the season now though.

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    So so so much credit has to go to AV for this winning streak. Playing through cancer, injuries, and suspensions and this team keeps ticking after getting back home after a rough road trip. We just can't gain ground with Carolina and Pitt continuing winning too. Luckily they finally lost last night.


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      Braun is one of our top 4. He ain't sitting unless it's because of load management...which won't happen. He also is a critical contributor for our PK.