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GDT: Flyers vs Rangers

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    Originally posted by lynchmob450 View Post
    What a crazy difference 12 months have made for our Flyers. From GM to coach to goaltending to defence to forwards to use of pipeline...absolutely astonished that this is happening to the Flyers. Good things NEVER happen to us. But maybe...finally we're getting some of what others have had for too long (of course, there is always a price for success).
    I think it's ironic that we're doing better now because of the pipeline built up by the old GM. Changes had to be made but at least part of his plan is working.


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      Great 3rd period to do the Rags in, Cahtah held them in until Jimmy's snipe through the purple Hayes. From there, Sanheim steamrolled to a brace, and NAK rung the Kubel late to seal the deal.

      Was it my imagination, or did they lose a shit-ton of FO's last night?