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    Yes I know the deadline is 2 months away. With the team actually looking competitive and like they may sneak in the playoffs (knock on wood and any other voodoo that keeps that statement from jinxing them).
    ehhh... I will cut to the chase here. Do you think they should be active at the deadline? If so what should they get? Personally I think they should be active and act like any team in a playoff spot should. Go upgrade the team as best you can. There are holes yet and some young guys dont necessarily need to be in the lineup in the playoffs. I like ghost but I think come deadline he could be a shiny bauble to show off to other teams seeking a dman his style. Do they just go for a rental? Why not? Thoughts?
    Btw.... Merry Christmas to you all!

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    If the kids find a way to make a real impact from now until the deadline, i would be OK with holding pat and allowing this group to show what they got. But i am not sure how they will do (specifically Farabee and Frost) if there is a way to pick up a guy like Duclair from the Sens (he's getting $1.65M and become an RFA), i'd do it. Another guy who would help in the bottom 6 would be Pageau ($3.1M/UFA). In trying to acquire these guys, i would not give up on any of our blue-chip propects nor the first rounder for next draft (A+ talent coming). A 2nd rounder with prospects like Kase, NAK Strome would be fine


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      Well first off, we donít have any room. We havenít been banking space cuz we were right to the cap and then we had injuries. Weíll have to subtract players to add players.

      Second, thereís not really any gaping holes in our healthy roster that would fit a rental, except where thereís just youth who are unknown playoff quantities (frost farabee myers), and iíd rather have those guys get playoff ice time. What I mean that thereís not an obviously underperforming player at a position. We can improve on a position, but the differential gain wonít be that great.

      - if you get duclair are you just gonna move JVR back down to the 4th line and lose his production? duclair might pot a couple more than JVR but is that worth it?
      - if you get pageau are you gonna move frost down to the 4th so he doesnít get any ice time?
      - gonna kick farabee to the 4th for kreider or toffoli?
      - gonna trade for like... vatanen if you think myers is too green?

      We should make a trade only to 1) deal with a key injury (using LTIR) 2) make a long term change to the roster (trading away big pieces) or a trade and sign ala Stone 3) add a cheap cheap depth piece, like an extra D (prolly have to play some cap games just to make that work) 4) possibly, if weíre on the playoff bubble and need wins, but even then i donít see how we do it cap wise.

      Also, always skeptical of guys who suddenly have a big year playing on the top line on a bad team. Duclair and Pageau are good but are they gonna look that good on our team? re: Hayes/Jets last year.

      Also, not big on even trading 2nd or 3rd rounders this year. In good drafts, there tend to be a lot of good players that can get overlooked. Our prospect pool is pretty thin nowadays, we need to rebuild the pipeline


      Not a lot of quality there, probably one of the weakest in the league. Time to get our young players experience playing key minutes, and get new prospects.


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        Well ... like someone else said (sorry I forget what thread and whom) IF ..big if ... IF we get Nolan Patrick back at 100%, it's like trading nothing for a young stud center who has the potential to be an impact player in the future. Only Patrick, doctors, and probably the FO know just what his timetable to return is. I'd love to see that happen. I'm rooting for the kid personally, and organizationally I'd be great to have him contribute to offset the loss of Oskar.
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          It seems like the organization has really taken the right steps with Patrick. Person first, player second. I wonder how long it will take him to take the rust off once he returns.....the rest if the league will have a half season under its belt more or less when he returns.


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            It just really sucks that conditions outside our control have really hindered us. Patrick with the migraines, Lindblom with the cancer.

            I wouldn't mind finding an aging vet to plug on our 3rd line. We have AK, Vorobyev, and Andreoff playing right now. If (and when) Laughton and Raffl are 100%, they'll get back into their roles, but we'll still end with:

            AK, Vorobyev, Andreoff......someone is playing 4th line center

            this is just my guess; not an actual lineup...the point is; with Lindblom gone, and Patrick uncertain, I'd like to see us shore up the 3rd line so Laughton can center the 4th with Raffl and Pitlick. It's not a demotion for Laughton. I honestly believe that is an incredible 4th line capable of both playing defensive hockey and chipping in some timely offense.

            who would we get to play on that 3rd line? that's another conversation I'm sure I'll be happy to jump into.
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