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GDT: Flyers @ Coyotes

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  • GDT: Flyers @ Coyotes

    8:00 PM ET

    Let's just try and get through the first 18 minutes without giving up four goals for the third game in a row.

    Looks like NAK will be back in in place of Stewart. Hagg stays out. Hart to start again.

    The 4th and 5th place teams in the Metro have looked pretty safe as the WC teams due to the relative lack of depth in the Atlantic, but if the Flyers don't start picking up some points soon they are going to fall out of the picture.

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    Gosh here we go again. Wth is going on with this team? Decent 13 mins and then the dam breaks. They dont right this then they wont be a playoff team.


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        well at least we are consistent


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          Can't wait for them to get back home (might not be in a playoff spot when they do).


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            starting to worry about Hart..this is not good...if he is "the guy' he has to have better showings on the road


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              and i think a trade might be coming after this road trip....just have a feeling


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                Man, this is getting depressing. This losing streak has the feel that it can go on much longer. The Flyers have lost four in a row twice already this season. They aren't there again yet, but they just look hapless all of a sudden.

                I'll admit that this game didn't help my argument that the goalies haven't been the problem on the road. Hart was not anywhere close to his best in the first and the game was pretty much gone after that.


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                  any coincidence that the slump started after Frost was sent down? team looks really slow again


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                    Soon after the hiring of a new GM, a new coach comes in bringing in a different system of play. Common sense would be to see who that is on the roster can fit in it before trading out some players. Half of a season in, its becoming obvious that there are a few players who can't work out. Its time to cull the herd.
                    Players talk with their agents. I think that there are a few guys on the team right now that know that their time in the organization is over. It just a matter of when and where are they going.
                    "I admire the exagerrated way that you tell the truth."- Arthur Balfour