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Neil Peart - RIP

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  • Neil Peart - RIP


    I know Rush is not only a Canadian treasure, but a treasure to the world. His talent will be missed.
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    Oh my goodness. This is heart breaking. Damn...what an amazing talent. He had such a rough last 20yrs or so...damn. What a shame.

    Sorry...just wanted to add. His drumming was out of this world (Danny Carey takes hold of the flame now). And his lyrics were at a genius level.
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      had no idea it had progressed so serious (the same thing that took Chuck Schuldiner of Death, IIRC)


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        Looks like it it has been 5.years since he was here but condolences to all fans like 2112. I tried several times to see them, but never got tix. One band i regret never seeing


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          I'm super bummed about this one boys.


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            You know you're getting old when your heros start passing on.


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              I've been in a funk since I heard on Friday. I literally grew up listening to Rush. Their music was amazing and the lyrics resonated with me and Peart was a big reason for that. He totally changed Rush when he joined the band and obviously made them infinitely better.

              On top of all that, my son has become a big music fan and I have been transferring my passion for Rush to him and he loves the music. He also just got a drum kit for Christmas. He has been putting on the headphones and banging on the drums along to YYZ and Tom Sawyer. I was hoping deep down inside that Peart would reconsider his retirement and tour just one more time so I could share that with my son. I had no idea Peart had been sick for the past 3 years.

              I lost a very influential person in my life and one that was beginning to have a big influence on my son too.

              RIP to one of the best drummers of all time, an incredible lyricist, a great writer and just an exceptional individual.


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                Obviously this was devastating news to me. They really kept it quiet; I had no idea he was suffering from brain cancer, the same disease that took my brother-in-law a few years ago in his 40's. It's brutal to watch someone fall apart with this affliction. My condolences to Neil's family and friends and of course our entire "Rush community."

                The tributes to him have been outstanding. Lots of Rush music played during last weekend's sports, especially the NFL games. Plus Ian Eagle during the Ravens-Titans game made a comment to the effect of "they can't RUSH into it" with a clear emphasis on the word RUSH. That was awesome.

                RIP, Neil.
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                  Sad part is that this happened so quickly after their retirement..farewell tour in 2015 and according to story, he had been diagnosed three years he barely had time to enjoy his retirement