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Fletcher mid-season press conference

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  • Fletcher mid-season press conference

    Watching this, i have to say that i am really impressed with Fletcher and how he communicates. He comes across very smart and confident, while being extremely media-friendly. Its nice to have a GM who does seem to get it and is willing to make this effort.

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    Unfortunately at work (no sound) so will have to wait for a transcript later.

    Any especially noted/specific takeaways?


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      Someone questioned him on why there are so many difficult back-to-backs on their schedule. He confirmed that the schedule would have been set-up prior to him coming on board last season and that teams do provide feedback to the league. His team would be meeting shortly with the league to give their feedback, but said that this might actually have been something Flyers management wanted.

      He spoke about the kids and their development. The fact that they all seem to be headed in the right direction. He did give credit for Hexy and previous management for this. He spoke about the difference between the team's home and road records, stating that the road record was really skewed by road games against the Western Conf. Spoke a little about the impact from Niskanen and Braun on the kids on the blue-line.