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Roster/cap space for NCAA prospects

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  • Roster/cap space for NCAA prospects

    I read last week (and sorry, donít have the source to cite) that the Flyers have their advantage for trying to sign some of their best currently-NCAA prospects this spring because only the Flyers can burn a first contract season this year. (Oh, and also signing bonus cash a few months earlier this year - otherwise all teams are basically limited the max terms of an entry-level deal) We all know this.

    The worry I noticed was that the source indicated that such players signed at the conclusion of their NCAA seasons to an NHL deal that burns this year of their contract then would be stuck on the NHL roster for the rest of the year and canít be sent to AHL (or PTOíd in AHL). After seeing what has happened the past 24 hours to fit Lyon in, it made me think that the Flyers might lack space to leverage their prime advantage in signing their NCAA prospects this season. (Oh, and NCAA prospects in their final season of college eligibility this year become UFAs in August if not signed) I know Fletcher mentioned hopes to sign a few this spring, and it would be a shame, especially with a thin AHL pool at present, to see some good draft picks/prospects walk elsewhere for nothing.

    Anyone know the exact rule(s) on where NCAA players must play pro this season if signed to NHL entry deals by the end of this season that burn this season?